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    2016. április 14.
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    For Chinese:

    1, HDChina will open its invitation for permission on May 19, 2018, and the station will be free, closed at 0:00 on May 20, 2018.
    Note: The invitation link is valid for one hour and expires will not make up.
    2, Do not send invitations in public, such as posting, microblogging, open forums, etc.
    3. It is forbidden to conduct any form of multi-number, exchange of invitations, and invitation of transactions. Once it is found, the account is forbidden and the status is ban tree.
    4. Please surrender your account in any form (including but not limited to Taobao) by any means.
    5, Please do not invite those who once owned the site's account but who have been banned because of violations (including but not limited to blood-sucking, trading, cheating, etc.).

    Note: If you are invited to fill in the e-mail after the invitation, pop-up this e-mail has been registered, do not change the e-mail invitation, this person may be due to cheating, trafficking and other reasons, and pulled into the blacklist, such as forcibly replaced e-mail invitation, caused The consequences of the follow-up shall be borne by you, including your own account will be banned and no reason for any complaint will be accepted.

    All invitees will be reviewed by the management team one by one. If the invitee cannot reply to the management group's information account within 24 hours, it will be immediately disabled.

    ====HDChina Management Group ====

    HDChina invitation system will be opened on May 19, 2018, site-wide freeleech will be issued at the same time. Invitation system will remain until until 19, 2018. (All invitation link will only valid for an hour).

    You are not allowed to exchange invitation with another user, register multiple accounts for same person.

    Trading is strictly prohibited.

    Please only send the invitations to people you familiar with, DO NOT invite people who violated rules(such as cheating and trading etc.) in HDChina, otherwise,you and your invitedes' account will result in ban with no mercy.

    Tips: when you see the system saying "The email have already been used." when you trying to send out an invitation to your "friend," you should stop sending the invitation to this person immediately because your "friend" is very likely violated Rules in the past time.

    Notice that ALL the invitedes will be reviewed by our staff and failure to respond messages from staff within 24 hours will lose their account.

    ====HDChina Staff====

    The information below only applies to members from Mainland China:
    With regard to landing problems after partial maintenance and reopening, some of the reasons have been identified and solutions have been attached:
    1. Cannot open torrent page: Please clear cookies and cache. To be safe, you can uninstall and reinstall your browser (please pay attention to save your browser's personal information and use your browser's backup/synchronization data function).
    2. Download to a seed file without its own passkey: The cdn problem has been identified, the service provider has been contacted and has been properly handled. If the user finds an unspecified download/seed record under the user information page, please reset the passkey to the control panel (please note that after resetting the passkey, you will need to update all existing seed passkeys. If necessary, please understand how to Batch modify the passkey
    3. Red species: There are many reasons for red species. Among them, after the maintenance of the site encryption certificate no longer supports WinXP, so please connect tracker http. For other red reasons, please take a screenshot of the tracker error message for help. Otherwise, please resolve it yourself.

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