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    (3 Days Available)

    Every Donation of 10 Euro Minimum, by paypal, Brings Unlimited VIP


    - 30 Tb upload credit!
    - 3000 Invites!
    - 999,999 bonus points!
    - Donor Star[​IMG]
    - Donor Cup [​IMG]
    - Slots Unlimited
    - Download unlimited of Torrents on The-Torrents.org
    - You Will not get banned (like ordinary users) for bad ratio.
    - Removes the wait-time on torrents.
    - Reset Warning Level.
    - Your account due to inactivity Will never expire.
    - Custom Title
    - Tracker Statitics
    - Access to Online Users
    - User Prestige Award Vip
    - Last but not least you help The-Torrents to stay alive!



    Where does my money go to?

    Your money goes solely to the running cost of the servers and B/W needed to keep this site running.
    The bill with the host is to be paid on the 1st day of each calendar month.

    Your money also go for the new servers!
    All Donations are much appreciated. Without your support we simply would not and will not be here.
    Thanks to everyone who donates to keep us alive!

    Vip access includes:

    No wait time restrictions, regardless your ratio.
    No slot restrictions, regardless your ratio.
    Immunity to the auto-ban because of low ratio
    Premium Support and high priority from First Line Support queries.
    You will get a distinct pleasure, knowing that you are helping The-Torrents providing you the best service at all time [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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