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    2016. április 14.
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    Hi there, As everyone on ABT can clearly see, we are really and truly not even close to paying our way for this site. Only a few (VERY FEW) people ever donate, and it simply cannot continue like this, we have almost nobody contributing to new content except Koolaid53 and occasionally another person would contribute some content, but we have no reliable, consistent uploads from any of the members. Yet, downloads are happily chugging along with whoever can grabbing whatever they can. When I took over ABT I redid all the code, I spent countless hours and a LOT of money setting it up again, it's really sad that it doesn't seem to have been appreciated except by one or two people. I was slandered, accused of all kinds of things by certain members because of the trivia not working immediately, with no regard from them for the fact that I was continually working on it as much as I could in the spare time I had. Sad to say, even those that were the staunchest supporters for trivia coming back have faded out. Well, we have reached a stage now, if this site is to survive, that we have to get you members to start taking an interest in it. We need donations, and above all, we need uploads. Without those two factors working, we are dead in the water, I'm afraid. I do have an alternative and that is for ABT to merge with another site. That means we will move all the torrents and all the members over as it stands and then just carry on, but sadly, then no more ABT. It will simly die a gracious death then. I would like to hear opinions on this, if anyone knows a way to solve the situation, please do not hesitate to inform me of it. I will also post this in the forum, so anyone can comment on this post. Here's to hoping we can sort this and really soon too, ABT's domain is up for renewal at the end of May - and I am not renewing it unless it is workable. Thanks, TG

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