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    2012. április 05.
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    After a few days of considering whether to continue bitGAMER, and seeing feedback on the poll we posted (before it was rigged), we have decided to return. Not only because there are members who want to see us continue, but also because we shouldn't let someone ruin a community that just wants to share games.

    I would also like to clear up some false reports. It's wasn't possible for our site/server to be hacked or rooted for over a year as we moved servers during February of this year (we just didn't announce it). We also don't store passwords in plaintext and never have. As previously mentioned an addional field was added to an old database we were using and was storing members passwords when they logged in. Any list of members passwords were not recent (unless a member hadn't updated their password in a long time). This is known because not only my password, but other members i have spoken to were old and had been changed multiple times since this "leak".

    It was originally thought that due to us using an older source code, a vulnerability was exploited to gain access. This was not the case, and our server was actually comprimised. Therefore we have moved to a new server (with a fresh install) and also added a lot more security before bringing the site back online.

    - All user accounts are up to date (including ratio, seed points etc).
    - We have lost some torrent files due to them being corrupted, so we need your help to re-upload them.
    - ALL accounts passwords have been wiped, and you will need to recover a new password in order to login.
    - A site wide free leech has been activated until January 1st 2016.