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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    Have you tried to quit smoking?

    Quit Smoking Support Thread: http://thegeeks.bz/forums.php?action...c&topicid=2616

    Are you using anti-virus?

    The Personal Protection Thread: http://thegeeks.bz/forums.php?action...c&topicid=2614

    And last but not least, this week's FLOTW torrents:

    Allen Carr - Easy Way to Stop Smoking (DVD)

    One of the most popular 'Quit Smoking' programs, now on DVD

    Peter Szor - The Art Of Computer Virus Research And Defense

    Szor presents the state-of-the-art in both malware and protection, providing the full technical detail that professionals need to handle increasingly complex attacks. Along the way, he provides extensive information on code metamorphism and other emerging techniques, so you can anticipate and prepare for future threats.

    Neil R. Wyler, Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley - Aggressive Network Self-Defense

    First book to demonstrate and explore controversial network strike back and countermeasure techniques.

    Andy Hamilton's Search for Satan

    Just how did the Devil get inside our heads? And who put him there? For Halloween, award-winning comedy writer and performer Andy Hamilton (creator and star of Radio 4's acclaimed infernal comedy Old Harry's Game) explores just who the devil Satan is, where he comes from and what he's been up to all this time.

    Just Cross Stitch - Halloween Issue 2014

    Choose from a huge collection of Halloween cross-stitch designs, from pumpkins and owls to witches, ghosts and even spiders! Stitch the unique witch hat door hanging, a spooky ghost mandala or a colorful pumpkin trio! Plus, every project is accompanied by easy-to-read charts, complete instructions and dazzling photography!

    They can be downloaded for free at 00:00 am Saturday UK Time (currently UTC+1/GMT+1)

    Check your local UK time by clicking HERE.

    Don't forget... these torrents are only free until Sunday 26 October 23.59.59 UK Time. After that time they will no longer be free!

    If you are still leeching at that time then you will have the download added to your download total.