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    Show / Hide 2015-06-28 16:59:16 - Exactly five years ago started again Insane! Free registration yet! 3 days NOHnR action! More.
    Dear everyone!

    It is now five years since the insane forced to close after successfully re-launched!
    We did not know that it will be a month or a year, but it seems that if all goes well, it will be so much more as well.
    We do not ever forget that the hard times of the Carpathians offered a helping hand. Welcome and thanks to them!
    The fact that we are still here, just so you can thank the users who támogatásotokkal, selfless work with great advice with you pushing forward the Insane chariot. And yes, there are those who criticize the gathering of room for improvement in making the site better. They too big thank you, for he who does not learn from its mistakes and even not notice them, hardly can develop.

    The anniversary will delight the open registration will take longer, and we shot NOHnR 3 days! Everyone pleasant downloads and at the same time we wish buildup on the site!

    The development is also progressing well on the new server, with the implication that the current side can continuously change more expected. At dawn today were able to put the new version and user-friendly system. Therefore it is friends list has changed slightly, and friends also identifying and adopting other than ever before.
    As the friend list are automatically taken over those who have been assigned you, look at the section Eliminate it and who can not see the heart as a friend. In the future it will be the only list for whom you can capture you give.

    The site is constantly filling actions we are certain categories. Watch the download site when you can just as hunt for extra bonus points!

    Perhaps it was not clear who the previous news, we will not be banned XviD.