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    2012. augusztus 24.
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    Members of the Fleet,

    The past 48 hours or so we have been receiving multiple reports by users regarding unauthorised access attempts of their accounts. It is up to you the users to exercise common sense and keep yourselves and your accounts safe. If you haven't already we urge you to start using 2FA to further enhance the security of your account.

    The full article: Article: Account Security Options

    Password & Email:

    We urge you to use a strong and unique password as well as a unique email address for Nebulance.
    If you are using the same password and/or email on another site we strongly urge you to update your email/password here immediately.

    You should never use the same password and/or email on multiple sites for your own security.
    We urge you all to use a password manager such as KeePass or similar and a strong mix of characters both upper and lower case with numbers and symbols.

    Two-Factor Authentication:

    Please visit your User Settings page by clicking Edit top right of your screen.
    Scroll down until you see the 2-Factor Auth: field.

    To enable 2FA, scan the QR code (or add the secret below it) to your 2FA client of choice, and enter a verification code it generates.
    Note that the verification code must not have expired when you save your profile.

    When setting up 2FA, you must enter your current password in the "Current password" field before saving your changes.

    The fact that we have received these alerts is a good thing. It means they failed, dismally.

    // So say we all
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