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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    We are pleased to announce that AnimeBytes will be embracing the dark side this Halloween!

    To start things off and get everyone in the mood, AB will feature special related AotW and AotF during this week.

    We're also introducing AB's first annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest! We received an overwhelming response from users wishing to participate in such a competition, so to everybody who reckons they're handy with a knife, now's your chance to show off and be rewarded for your creativity. Whether you're going for a traditional jack-o'-latern style or attempting to etch your favourite anime character for all to see, you'll have until November 3rd to submit a picture showcasing your pumpkin. See the competition thread for further details on how to take part!

    As if that wasn't enough, you can also take part in our first ever cosplay competition! It's time to bring out those costumes of yours and dress up in your spookiest outfit or don your cutest anime cosplay, anything's welcome. Everybody who takes part in either competition will receive a participation bonus, and between the two, there's twelve possible prizes up for grabs; the winners even getting a chance to pick an AotW or AotF, with the runner-ups being allowed to choose one torrent to be freeleech for a week!See this thread for more information on the cosplay competition.

    For those of us who are less creative with hacking up pumpkins or dressing up as cute little girls, there's a brand new achievement to go hunting for: the Yandere achievement. It's an addition to our secret achievements so please don't speculate or give hints about how to get it, that would ruin the fun for everybody. And as usual, no, it doesn't involve PM'ing staff members or doing anything that might get you banned!

    To further get everybody in the Halloween spirit, we've also made all horror and thriller torrents freeleech for the next week leading up to Halloween! Ending on November 3rd, this will also cover any new uploads made during this period, so if you've got some scary uploads saved up, now's the time to unleash them all on the userbase. Here's a list of all the torrents tagged as horror or thriller, happy downloading~

    On a less spooky note, we're also looking to expand our development team to improve the codebase and site! Whether you wish to help by expediting planned changes, implementing useful suggestions or fixing unfortunate bugs, any assistance is welcome. Please take a look at our Developer Application Thread for more information if you're interested.