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    Important information about clients​

    Since we have received many requests from users, who were sad to Vuze and uTorrent certain versions are banned here, we have made some small changes that should mean that Vuze and the latest uTorrent versions now unbannes. Still, at your own risk if you choose to use them. Experiencing any problems, we will ask you to write to HelpDesk as soon as possible, and you will probably get help. It means that the list now looks like this:

    Eligible clients:

    μtorrent 2.0.4
    μtorrent 2.2.1
    μTorrentMac 1.8.4
    Deluge 1.3.6
    0.13.2 libtorrent
    rtorrent 0.9.2

    Banned clients:

    Transmission> All clients with the version number 2.0x
    Tixati> All clients
    All BitComet clients
    Bitlord 1.2.0-66
    Bitlord 2.1.0-74
    Thunder / Xunlei 0100
    Thunder / Xunlei
    All uTorrent clients from 3.3.0 and up, as well as all Vuze / Azureus clients is now unbanned, but do you use them, it is at your own risk. The same applies to all other clients that are not on the list.