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    2016. április 14.
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    My amazing friends and dear community,

    Already posted this on a thread but I have been thinking will be better to post it on the news. Since we passed another milestone (1 mil snatches) you can see the last site stats on the forum.

    Wanted to talk with you guys about the development.
    The failure of V1 is totally my fault ( LaZx ) because I have been thinking working on a source like Gazelle to hardcode it, would be a good solution, seems good solution at that time. But, Gazelle is a pain in the ass (excuse my French) and like I said before when we made this tracker which you guys basically transformed it in one of the attractive trackers, we said just one man will have access to the main server. Since that man it's a security expert, he believed the security should come primarily and it's always has been like that. I mean, you guys saw how much DDOS attacks MTV survived with minimum downtime?

    If we didn't work or couldn't work on Gazelle how you wanted this doesn't mean we didn't do anything for the site. I mean, that's what's matters? A site to look excellent and that's all? Are we not in P2P? Not the content and the community should matter? People never asked what happens behind, how we survived those attacks, how we paid month by month not only the main servers and backup servers (yeah, we have servers for backup) seedservers, secured a ftpaxx so can you guys don't miss nothing and have on first-hand everything that comes out from scene. I mean, just look at the expenses thread, the donation doesn't cover even 10% from that amount, and we didn't say anything about it and we will not do it even now because we take this commitment, we have not been forced to do it and we will never ask for people to donate for MTV to survive.

    Don't get me wrong, this is not rage, I don't blame anyone or saying about someone else. This site, this community has been built on trust and I have a feeling that trust in us is not available anymore from some of you guys. I'm wrong? Gosh I hope I do!
    If you call staff, you call them users, because even we had the choice to have experienced staffers from other trackers. We choose to take users from our community, respected users and ask them to help us administrate the tracker, and TBH this worked like a charm. I'm delighted to say I love our staff, these guys are amazing, all of them came here not know too much about administrating but I look at them now and I can't believe how good they are. They don't abuse, they treat everyone equally and they understand the most important thing at MTV : Every user vote counts. This is why from day one, we voted for everything. Yeah, we couldn't do the promotion and bonus points so far, but that doesn't mean the vote has been for nothing. That will be done, how we said one year ago "We are here to stay, with 10k users, or 1000 users." I'm personally grateful I had the honor to administrate this tracker and see how you guys make it grow up clean and nice and I really hope the development of the site will not change anything here because I will repeat, we are here to stay.

    To end this drama of mine, because this has been my personal point of view I want to make an announcement:
    We will end the work at v1 and we will put all our resources on the new source. A few pictures you will find on this blog post thread. And with the help of Joe (thanks) who put all your suggestions one by one in one thread, we will put it to vote so can you guys can choose what it's priority and what's not. More details you will find on that thread. Maybe some of you will be disappointed now and will ask: "Why stop?". I will give you one good reason, Gazelle doesn't worth it. We prefer to code it a little and work at the same time at new source which will be from SCRATCH our source, build by pro devs even if some of them we will need to pay and this time, we will bring it to the end because this time we have a plan, and something to work on.

    In the end, I want to apologize again for disappointment, and take all the blame on me and I completely understand if you guys will be get frustrated & disappointed. But I promise you, I and the rest of the staff will never give up on a new web 3.0 site and we will continue to bring you the best and the fastest content available.

    I want to personally thanks to all users who stick with us from day one, new users which remained here and didn't treat this tracker as a back-up . Special thanks to Vincent, all DRACULA team, Mollie and all friendly trackers.
    This blog post will have a thread so you guys can tell your disappointment or ask me anything you want. I want to apologize aswell for my gramar mistakes ( if they are ) and if you guys haven't understand something, just ask me @ thread.

    With all my respect and love,

    Later edit:

    I didn't want to include this in my original message since it's been written from all my heart, but recently some "P2P staffers" from a certain TV tracker, try to bash MTV, day by day on Reddit. I will give them a short answer:
    You will not get users by DDoS or bashing other trackers, you will get users by trusting them, having a connection, considering them as a part of a family, and understand they put their privacy/security in your hands. They don't care if a site is "cool", they just want to feel secure and have a safe heaven to download and socialize.

    We will never act like that and we will never bash another tracker. We wish them all success, inclusive to this certainty. "Comrades".

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