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    Waffles Radio Project
    Earn Points with the Waffles Radio Project!


    The citizens of Waffles.fm have decided to come together and form a streaming radio collective.


    We want to share music via streaming and use Mixcloud as a platform and bring it back into the community. Eventually, we would like to have enough content to loop live streaming radio programs on the site, as well as host live radio shows.

    Points can be accrued for uploading shows and getting torrents Waffle Iron Approved.


    Waffles.fm and Mixcloud.


    Right now. Make an account, make a show, post on the thread, and it will get reposted by the official Waffles.fm Mixcloud. Eventually, when we have more content and participants, we would like have a livestream on the main page. Eventually, we are hoping to be able to hit the pause button and have users host live shows!


    Because we love Waffles. We want to boost activity on the site. And dammit, we just want to share music.


    General rules of Chat apply.

    Mixes should be between 15-30 minutes (going a little over is okay).

    One upload per user per week. Feel free to upload more, but we can only offer so many points per week. We're not made out of points, here.

    Please follow the Official Waffles Mixcloud Account and add the "[HASHTAG]#waffles[/HASHTAG].fm" tag to any eligible mixes that you would like to contribute to the collective.

    Talking/hosting/non-musical audio is encouraged. Please try to make your transitions between songs smooth.

    Mixes are eligible for points when they follow the format below.


    Post your show on the Waffles Radio Shows thread in Music Chat.

    Mix Name (Any title is fine, but including your waffles username as well as number indicating how many shows you’ve contributed to the collective, is helpful).

    Cover Image (not too large).

    Link (directly to your soundcloud mix for that week... make sure that the upload is tagged with [HASHTAG]#waffles[/HASHTAG].fm).

    Description (optional, pretty much whatever you want).

    Tracklisting (artist, title. link to torrent or request page).


    medicalfools vol. 4: Life in a Computerized Environment

    1. Harmonia - Arabesque
    2. Samsara (film) - Balinese Monkey Chant
    3. Takako Minekawa - Party on a Floating Cake
    4. Gabor Szabo - Some Velvet Morning
    5. André Previn - Executive Party
    6. Hiiragi Fukuda - Trochos

    Note: The post must be in the format above in order to earn points. Technically, the above example would not be 100% eligible for points, because the links are to artist searches, not directly to torrent pages or requests.


    Post a Mixcloud mix in the main thread. Eventually it will get added to the Waffles.fm Mixcloud playlist.

    Mixcloud accepts many upload formats. The trick is to string tracks together in a mix and upload it. To do this, you can use simple audio editing programs like Audacity, GarageBand, or Ableton. Some people like to get fancy and include fade ins and fade outs, although it's tricky unless you can get the beats to match up. Go ahead! Experiment. We want to hear it all. Please remember to include tracks on the Mixcloud side as well. It is possible to listen to your song and timestamp your tracks after uploading.

    Why Mixcloud?

    It’s a simple streaming service. It’s easy to learn, easy to publish and unlimited number of shows, easy to upload track information. You can listen to it anywhere via an app available on iPhone and Android. It gives royalties to the artists we love. It keeps us connected.


    Yes, points.

    50 points every eligible show (remember, one 20-30 minute show per week, fully linked, properly tagged, follows all rules).

    100 when you upload an associated torrent file, or fill a radio request, and it gets Waffle Iron approved.

    Please PM medicalfools if you think your are eligible for points and have not received them within 7 days.
    Happy Mixing!