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    2016. április 14.
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    We apologize any inconvenience made last week. Some of the function might not operate properly. If you receive errors on HDChina, please click "Admin PM" to report bug. HDChina will enable freeleech to compensate the server outage last week. We will be notify you before the site-wide freeleech period start.

    Issued from today, any account that not logged in over 6 weeks will be disabled. Your account will be deleted if we did not receive any retrieve account request after 4 weeks. If you intending to travel in future or having difficulty login to our tracker, please go to [User CP]-[Personal Setting]-tick "I will be away for a long time." and click "save" to avoid any inconvenience and loss.

    Some of the user still using SHARED IP seedbox/vps. You HAVE TO make sure that your seedbox/vps has a dedicated IP before you purchase them from seller. If you were still using shared IP seedbox/vps from these service provider like fear******ing/se*****.cc, please remove it IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise our account will be consider as "CHEATING" and will be disabled if you still not remove it before next Monday(UTC+8) and we WILL NOT accept any complaint.

    ====HDChina Staff====