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    2016. április 14.
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    Torviet 2nd birthday gifts and terrible Corinthians:

    6/11 days to round Torviet this is 2 years old (and 8 years for the way), this community has become a playground for those who are interested to download.

    Do you remember the old slogan, right? "Everything you're looking for". Is a level playing field, ie there will be players that does not go bored, there will be little weary players, who have not lost where the objective is always ... have enough people like that.

    This community is just one world virtual, but sometimes fun, there sociable, friction ... everything is available, all of us. No one can be sure how long I'll play, no one can be sure I will contribute what, ... full decade's wealth.

    I counted it added wordy, but many meanings. But as it is lengthy, although many meanings, and the post at the time of the birthday 2 years old, not very reasonable.

    So this reporter decided to write more concise and meaningful as well.

    You just read this post already.


    Now comes the part where most people expect : D

    major Package: FREELEECH entire tracker, starting from 11.16.2016 11/30/2016 00:00:00 to 00:00:00

    Package filler:
    Get super expensive GB upload amount based on the number of days to keep seed

    conditions for the contest:

    1) Each of you choose the 20 torrent ( or less) with the most number of days seed to join the event

    2) Torrent participation event was achieved in all 3 conditions:
    time to keep seed must be at least 2 days.
    + Complete downloading BEFORE timeline 13 / 11/2016 00:00:00 (column Completed At)
    + time also keep seed AFTER timeline 17/11/2016 00:00:00 (Last Action column)
    violation 1 in 3 that the torrent you select will disqualified.

    3) the calculation is based on the amount and number of days to keep each torrent seed

    torrent number GB get each coefficient x number of days = keep seed (rounded up)

    example: torrent 1 with 100GB, keep seed is 100 days 3:30:23
    100GB> 30GB => coefficient = 8
    100 days 3:30:23 rounded up = 101 days
    => number Redemption torrent 1 GB = 101 = 8 x 808GB
    torrent And so for the remaining 19.

    4 ) your name must appear on the list of each torrent snatch

    5) Event will end on 17/11 and start bonus.

    6) you have the right to comment prior revised 17/11

    special award:
    2 you received the second highest award and will be high on the Honor level (both life and non-Freeleech free electronic post one time). Does not apply to the level you have to Honor.

    Answering the questions:
    1) Show All days seed, Completed At, Last Action where?
    Adjust the system time

    2) Last Action column mean?
    You will also keep the seed, the tracker latest updates for your time

    3) I do not see my name in the list snatch, whether downloaded then?
    Because you are to the regime should not be able to see the name Anonymous you are.
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