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    2014. április 06.
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    How to get an invite to PTH currently inside the #pth-lounge channel on the PTH network.

    1. You must have been a user of what.cd with a user class at Elite or higher.
    - Seriously, if you weren't elite or higher, you'll need to get in some other way at this time.

    2. You must have some kind of proof that you were an elite at what.cd such as:
    - Screenshot of your what.cd profile
    - Screenshot of your PM inbox showing user class upgrade
    - Screenshot of IRC showing your elite vhost from what.cd's network
    - Screenshot of elite thread access from browser history

    3. If you are in good standing at BTN, PTP, SCC, HDBits or GGn provide links directly to your profiles there
    - These can be provided to us in addition to your what.cd elite status proof, you still need that elite proof!
    - If you don't have accounts at any of these sites the person performing your proof may accept different sites, but they'll always need to be reputable sites.

    4. Make sure all screenshots are hosted at imgur or another simple image host. Do not host on Google Docs, Google Drive, One Live, Dropbox etc

    5. Be prepared. Have your screenshots, links to any profiles and your email address for an invite to be sent to ready in a message to be sent to a staff member when they request it.

    6. Wait. You must not message any staff member in the channel until they announce that they are accepting peoples proof. If you do not follow the procedure you will either be moved to the back of the queue or be removed from the channel.

    Question: I was not an elite or higher at what.cd or I don't have proof of my user class, what do I do now?
    Answer: Wait. New opportunities including recruitment from other trackers will come eventually, PTH is very new, we're still figuring out how to get all of you on board in a safe way.

    Question: I wasn't an elite at what.cd but .... [insert excuse for PMing]
    Answer: You lookin' to get banned? Cause that's how you get banned.

    Thank you
    <3 Trees.