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    2016. április 14.
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    European language movies and TV series are now permitted! All uploads must still adhere to our existing rules, in addition to a few new rules:

    1. The media must have an IMDB rating of at least 7.0 (this rule is preliminary only, while we test, and will likely be lifted in future once we see how this goes).
      • Permission may be sought to upload a lower rated movie if you feel an exception is warranted. Please note that reasons like "I love this movie!" will not be accepted -- just chill until this restriction is lifted

    2. The main audio must be in the media's original language. English dubs are permitted in addition to the original language audio, but are neither required or encouraged.
    3. All foreign language media must include English subtitles. In the case English subtitles are distributed externally (e.g. scene idx/sub) these must be uploaded at the time of your upload. Euro content without English subtitles will be deleted.