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    2016. április 14.
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    LinkinsRepeater's TM Contest

    For the fifteenth TM contest, we have:

    L*'s TM Contest

    Theme: "RIP Exhentai"

    This is a special contest intended to encourage the upload and preservation of content that has recently been made unavailable to non-donors at Exhentai.

    For the next week, all newly uploaded manga torrents with the tags lolicon:female, shotacon:male, bestiality, and toddlercon are contest-qualifying.

    Users that upload at least 5 contest-qualifying torrents will receive a reward of:

    • 1000 nips per qualifying upload

    In addition, the top three users with the most qualifying uploads will respectively receive:

    • The 1st place contest-winner badge
    • The 2nd place contest-winner badge
    • The 3rd place contest-winner badge

    As usual, adding contest-qualifying tags to uploads that don't warrant them will result in disqualification.
    Additionally, please remember that the point of this contest is to preserve recently-restricted content from Exhentai. Please abide by the spirit of this contest and do not spam uploads of repacks of older torrents we already have or downscales of Exhentai galleries found on sites like nhentai. Egregious violations of this will also result in disqualification.

    Keep up with the scores using the contest page!