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    2016. április 14.
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    Development team implementations - 01/08/2020

    Hello, to the best torrent community in Brazil :)

    Our development team fixed more bugs on the site, information that you have access to at
    change log, and added new features and news to the site that will make your browser experience through BT more enjoyable.

    1. RSS feed:

    This update was intended to increase the health of the website's download statistics - both the number of torrents downloaded and the number that users seed, since users who have seedboxes now have the possibility to filter the torrents they want for specific information such as: whether it is a highlight or not, whether it is free or not, the size of the files and the categories you want to download.

    In addition for films and series, and categories that have this information, the Video Codec, Format, Audio and Resolution of the files are available in the RSS title. Thus, it will be possible to create custom filters with regular expressions to download files you want from the site.

    If you want to know more about how it is possible to do this with rutorrent, see
    this video on youtube with information on the subject.

    2. Highlights:

    Now the highlights of the site have a category filter, organized with javascript. In this way, the user has access to the highlights that are most important to him, in addition to having this function available in the feed.

    Organization of categories:

    see here

    3. Tooltip:

    In addition to these new features, the site tooltip is now transparent, allowing the site to gradually have a more modern design (news about our themes are coming).

    4. Recruitment:

    Our site team, in a joint decision, decided to start recruiting users on torrent sites outside the country. In this way, it is possible for the site to gain visibility beyond Brazil.

    5. Bugs:

    After the last update some users had problems with our system that automates the uploads, mainly errors like the one of Codec in the site. The explanation is as follows: ALL user inputs are now validated from the server side before being sent to the database (before they were already sanitized for security reasons), now they are checked to see if they really exist.

    In this case, if an audio codec is inserted manually with some browser extension, for example, when the data sent is modified, the system compares it with a list of accepted codecs and returns the string as invalid.

    What happens is that the mediainfo API joins the first two audios, if they exist, and forms an audio codec that is sometimes not on the allowed list. What you should do is send the error to the website's
    bug forum with the mediainfo of the file you are uploading and the title of the imdb.

    Thus, we can add the codec or fix bugs in the tool.

    We hope you are enjoying the news, ALWAYS BT.

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