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    2012. április 20.
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    This is adressed to our foreign (non-romanian) members. Years ago, when the ICE Age was just beggining, this site was created mostly for romanian users.

    Although non-romanian people were always more than welcomed here, we did not have the time or manpower to translate forum topics, news and mass pms.

    Also, the movie and TV cathegory icons on the Browse page all had a romanian flag on them so our main userbase knew that they contained romanian subtitles.

    Seeing as our main userbase is now romanian, this language will still be allowed everywhere except the International Forum that is english only. So on the shout box (chat) and most of the forum you will mostly see romanian.

    However, all rules, announcements and mass pms will be dubbed in English.

    Thankfully, over the last months we found the resources to translate stuff and hoping that non-romanian members will be more active in our community and even more will join it, we made some changes so you may feel more like at home:


    To make it easy for you, I posted some flags on the Forum so you know what forums have the topics dubbed in English and wich ones contain posts only in romanian.


    We pulled out the RoSubbed cathegories and left only one set of international ones and instead we added flags on the right side to specify if that torrent contains any kind of subtitles. Even if most movies contain romanian subtitles, they are NOT HardSubbed so you can always turn them off and use some other subtitle that you find on specialised sites.
    Also, as you can see, we are now launching our SubZero releases with both English and Romanian subtitles.


    The easiest and fastest way to get help is by sending a Staff Ticket in english. Although some of our staff speak more than one second language (Italian, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian) most of us speak at least some english and a few speak perfect english. So there is no doubt that your Ticket will be answered !
    An alternate route to geting help is via the International Forum
    If by any chance you are suddenly unable to reach our site you can also find support on our off-site locations :
    - soon Reddit.com

    And to make you feel even more welcomed, I will personaly grant FREE invites to everyone who wants to invite their family and friends to join us. Just post HERE and ask for one.