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    2011. június 15.
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    Scheduled Downtime
    Progress: 90%

    Test 3/3: Tracker & Internal review
    Our new original tracker (called ANX) is online. Start seeding and help us test it. At times it may go offline for adjustments. Query its status (via curl or a browser) here. We also began the final assembly of the site before public release.
    Public Beta 1 will be launched sometime in June. Please be patient.

    Done so far (6/7):
    • An upgraded and rebuilt core server
    • A new Tier IV datacenter for the core server
    • A rebuilt anew routing network, now with much improved load-balancing
    • A rebuilt anew IRC setup, now with original built-in authentication redundancy and our own original bots
    • And the Big Kahuna: An original advanced modular high-throughput tracker (ANX)
    In progress (7/7):
    • An original new site.
    And yes, the word original may seem overused, but everything is exactly that, in-house built. That's why this takes a moment.Downtime donations?
    Would be excellent. All the resources are online and we have to pay for them as usual, downtime or not. Please let us know at the support email.

    Support: xbtmusic@protonmail.ch (PGP public key)

    ...and an occassional haiku for you:

    a major effort,
    complexity requires care;
    this will blow your mind!
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