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    2011. június 15.
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    Hey, folks!

    Just a little bit of an update as to what's been going on the last few weeks!

    -Several new image hosts have been added, per request. Some seem to work better than others. We will adjust as needed
    -All users can now edit their posts beyond the default time limit
    -Games category should be making it's appearance soon. Just finalizing the last few rules
    -The Bonus Shop has been undergoing a lot of behind the scenes changes. Look for more updates and final additions as soon as we can get the math all sorted to ensure it's fairly priced moving forward
    -All users should now be able to vote of torrent tags
    -The new Rules & Help link now leads to all articles instead of having to find them individually
    -A couple new help/rules articles have been posted as well
    -All Howard Stern content has been added to the Do Not Upload list. This is shown at the top of the Upload page as a reminder. We don't want the attention that can bring and the issues it causes
    -A couple new categories have been added to the Forums to help organize staff blogs and contests (not really an interesting addition, I know)
    -Many small fixes on the backend that really don't warrant listing

    A few other things:

    We do NOT accept donations in any form. If you would like to help, please grab a seedbox from one of the many reputable sites and adopt a few low seeded torrents!

    Upgrades to Member class will be happening soon. This will be interesting as we have only tested with 40-50 people before opening. We hope for the best and ask for your patience if issues occur. They will be fixed asap.

    Contests. We have a few in the works. Stay Tuned!

    Invites. Please use them responsibly (they are only available to Member+ users). You are responsible for any user you choose to invite.

    Finally, thank you for all the positive feedback (the negative as well). It's great to see everyone enjoying what we have done so far and we hope to keep growing and getting better and better as time goes by. We are still in our infancy and we appreciate the patience. Remember, all site suggestions should be posted to the proper forum category and your bug reports (again, posted to the proper forum) help us fix issues we may not be aware of now that the userbase has grown so much.

    Until next time!

    -CRT Staff
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