Külföldi torrent oldalak Spain's Subtitulos.es Folds Under Anti-piracy Law

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    2012. április 05.
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    Known as La Ley Mordaza (The Gag Law), Spain's new anti-piracy law is forcing torrent and streaming sites to close, including the country's most-used site for copyrighted work, Subtitulos.es.

    Built as a users' community in 2008, Subtitulos.es has probably been the most used piracy platform by fans, who can illegally download series episodes right after their premiere in the US. Most of these series don't air in Spain.
    As a pre-emptive move to avoid jail time for its owners, the site will stop running today (30 June), hours before the law comes into effect. The site's managers have announced they will publish the project's code in the coming weeks so the community can build a similar platform in the future.

    "But as in many series, there is no good finale," said the managers in a public statement.

    Once the law - which defines piracy as "aiming to obtain an economical benefit, reproduces, copies or distributes any artistic, literary or scientific work" - comes into effect, violators will be punished with between six months and four years in jail as well as a fine.

    June has also seen trouble for another of Spain's flagship piracy sites, Rojadirecta.me, which risks closure after a petition from Mediapro and Gol Television.