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    Waffles Staff Picks: April 2016 Edition
    2016-04-22 10:23:07
    Waffles Staff Picks - April Edition

    Welcome to the April edition of the Waffles.fm Staff Picks. Please remember we do not look to balance genres or purposely seek out diversity - these are simply albums by bands that we love, and hope that you find something you enjoy as well. Note that each pick may be an individual track, or an entire album (for the purpose of the theme). In every case, however, the entire album will be FL. Thanks to 420billy for the collage. The theme this month celebrates the upcoming Waffles Radio, curated by new mod medicalfools.

    Theme: Radio



    Artist: All Night Radio
    Album: Spirit Stereo Frequency

    Resisted temptation to pick the obvious Radio Song [​IMG]

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    Artist: Wet
    Album: Don't You
    Track: Deadwater

    I discovered this on my favorite radio app, Songza. Songza has been since bought by Google and has been integrated into Google play music. However, in doing so they added advertisements (before there was only a banner ad in the app itself), also several of the playlists I liked are gone, they were playlists created for fictional characters on tv shows. One of my favorites was "Sally's Secret Dorm Party". They also had one for each of the characters on Girls, and each house on Game of Thrones. But anyway, I think I discovered Wet on "Witchy Thug Grrrl Pop". This playlist lives on in Google Play, but they renamed it "Witchy Grrrl Pop", because apparently girls can't be thugs in the corporate world. It actually might have been a different station tho, like maybe it was "Stormy Indie Sirens," but that wouldn't make as good a story.

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    Artist: Eagle-Eye Cherry
    Album: Desireless
    Track: Save Tonight

    Remembering my youth days. Save tonight! Tomorrow I'll be gone. :D

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    Artist: Yann Tiersen
    Album: Les Retrouvailles

    In the 2015 Pulitzer winning novel All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, the radio is a beautiful, invisible energy connecting people during World War II. If the book had a soundtrack, it would have to balance the French and German settings, but most of all, I'd like to imagine it would feature the Ondes Martenot. If you aren't familiar with this strange instrument, the 2013 documentary Wavemakers tells the tale of its invention, rise, and downfall beautifully. Best of all, the instrument was conceived of by a french radio operator during World War I. I believe Tiersen's work, which includes plenty of Ondes Martenot, would be suitable.

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    Artist: Original Broadway Cast
    Album: Hedwig and the Ingry Inch
    Track: Midnight Radio

    To all the strange rock 'n' rollers:
    Unassuming indie rocker Stephen Trask hit a monster home run with this soundtrack. And this play is one of the most awesome dealing with the question of identity ever made. There are three different versions of the soundtrack, Oringial off-broacway cast, the movie, and the broadway cast. My favorite is still the original off broadway cast. Midnight Radio is the song at the climax of the story, and while nothing holds a candle to wonderful setting of Aristophanes' wonderfully comic, insightful mythmaking in "The Origin of Love," this is awesome anthemic Ziggy Stardust-esq power pop. Lift up your hands!

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    Artist: LL Cool J
    Album: Radio
    Track: I Can't Live Without My Radio

    High caliber ghettoblaster ammo. Allmusic calls it "boisterously aggressive." Immediately following the success of Run-DMC, LL was only 17 years old when he recorded this first album. It also helped launch Rick Rubin's career (his credit on the back cover: "Reduced by Rick Rubin.") Very raw, stripped-down beatbox beats and b-boy lyricism.

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    Artist: NOFX
    Album: White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
    Track: Please Play This Song on the Radio

    Radio sucks. Here's a song about it.

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    Artist: Radiohead
    Album: Pablo Honey

    anyone can play guitar thinking about you

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    Artist: Boston
    Album: Greatest Hits

    I have many fond memories of growing up and listening to the classic rock radio station with my dad, and one of my favorite artists was Boston.

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