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    AnimeBytes Top 50 Anime Collage #5

    Welcome to AB's fifth annual top 50 anime collage, and our second official one! georgi and resilientz will be your hosts this year.
    This is your chance to vote for your favourite anime. Votes will be tallied after a month and put together in a collage. That way we can gather the popular opinion of AB users, and also help introduce new users to good anime.
    The rules will be slightly modified from last year's thread, primarily so we can automate the votes for accuracy and ~no effort needed~.

    First collage [ thread ] :: Second collage [ thread ] :: Third collage [ thread ] :: Fourth collage [ thread ]

    How do I vote?

    1. You can make up to 15 nominations, which can include anime TV Series, Movies, OVAs, etc. Having more than 15 nominations invalidates your vote.

    2. You must include the Group I.D. from AB's torrent list at the start of every nomination you make. Every nomination you make must be on its own line. This is the only way your vote will be counted, and failure to do so is a non-vote. For example:
    136 Clannad
    ...this is because Clannad holds the AB torrent I.D of 136 in the URL. Be sure to use the I.D from torrents.php and NOT series.php.
    Simply extract this from the URL and add it to the front of your nomination. Now your vote is recorded. Got it? Good!

    3. You must make your nominations in your first post in this thread. Your other posts will not be counted.

    4. You must vote before May 22nd, 2016, 23:59:59 UTC, or your vote will not be counted.

    5. You can edit your first post as many times as you want before the deadline.

    Note that we have relaxed some of the restrictions from previous years. You are free to vote for anything you want, as long as it's anime. No need for it to be complete. No need for it to be the first season.

    If you need any clarifications on the rules or whether you can vote for something, feel free to ask any of the hosts.


    Q. So, the names don't matter?
    A. Names don't matter, only IDs, but please include names too to make your nominations human-readable. This will also help you fix mistakes if you happened to use the wrong ID (e.g. series instead of group)

    Q. I also assume we vote in this thread?
    A. Yes, please vote in this thread.

    Q. Is discussion allowed after making a voting post?
    A. Yeah, feel free. Just keep in mind that your first post needs to include your nominations if you want your vote to count.

    Q. So do our nominations count as votes or do we have to wait for a poll?
    A. Each nomination counts for 1 vote. Basically you can vote for up to 15 different things.

    Q. Can we vote for the same thing 15 times?
    A. No, it will count as only one vote

    Q. Is hentai allowed in this collage? I'll probably be the only one voting for some xD
    A. Sure, though as you might have guessed, it probably won't make it into the top 50

    Q. Is it possible for us to see the current number of votes for each series, or do we just have to wait until voting is over to get that kind of data?
    A. I might add something later on

    Q. I have to add numbers in? What is this, the middle ages!?
    A. It's cause there's no way I'm spending more than 15 minutes counting the vote totals, and it's much easier to make sense of numbers than of names.

    Q. Reading through some of these makes we want a "Most Hated Anime" poll / We should also have worst anime contest, that would be fun. / We should do a worst anime poll. The best anime list are pretty much the same every year.
    A. That sounds cool actually, maybe we'll do that one next lol

    Q. Doing something similar for manga would be interesting
    A. I'd be down for that, though with manga you have even more diversity than anime, a lot more manga is ongoing, and I'd expect roughly 10% of the participation we see in here.

    Q. Would love to see a similar collage done for anime soundtracks -- Top <insert number> Anime OST of All Time
    A. That also sounds cool. We might see some different results.

    As a final example of what a complete nomination should look like:
    8296 Steins;Gate
    163 Cowboy Bebop
    2119 Bakemonogatari
    373 Neon Genesis Evangelion
    5419 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    59 Code Geass
    103 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    7083 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika
    331 Death Note
    504 Mushishi
    567 Welcome To The NHK
    9083 Fate/Zero
    206 Spice & Wolf
    136 Clannad
    230 Serial Experiments Lain