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    2012. április 05.
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    As usual we have lots of treats and surprises lined up for Xmas here at TVC!

    FreeleechWe will be having a site-wide freeleech on the 24th & 25th December and again on January 1st.

    Gift boxesAll members in the "user" group and above will receive a mystery gift (of either upload credit or bonus points). .. This can be redeemed by clicking on the gift icon on the home page. The gifts will be available from 25/12/15 until 01/01/16. The gift is not available to members of the "newbie" group, but there is plenty of time to seed and be promoted between now and Xmas day!

    Lotto!Our Xmas lottery is now open! The draw will be made at midnight (GMT) on Xmas eve. Tickets cost 1GB each (maximum 5 tickets per member) and 5 lucky winners will receive 250GB of upload credit!

    Finally..... the Xmas banner completion is now open for the vote! Each member can vote for up to 3 banners (no more than 3 please) and the winning entries will be added to our Xmas themes. Voting is simple.... Just scroll through the entries and click the thanks button under your favourites. To access the Xmas banner competition please click on the link on the home page to be redirected to the forum.

    Happy holidays everyone!