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    2012. április 05.
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    Password Expiration

    Today, we rolled out the long-anticipated password expiration. After a set amount of time, accounts with expired passwords will be locked. The threshold for locking an account is currently set to 7 years, and will be slowly moved up to 2 years. This is to reduce the load on both users and staff.

    However, an account with an expired password will not be locked without warning. Warnings will come in the following ways:

    1 month before expiration, a warning PM will be sent.
    7 days before expiration, a warning email will be sent urging the user to change their password.

    If, despite those warnings, you don't change your password before it expires, your account will be placed in a locked state. Upon login, you will see this page, and will be unable to browse the site normally.

    This page will only allow you to do 2 things:

    You will be able to request a password reset email to the address registered in your account, which will contain a link that you can click to change your password.
    If you cannot access that email account, the link at the bottom will allow you to get help from the staff via the Staff Inbox.

    More information regarding locked accounts and password expiration can be found here.
    Any questions/comments/concerns regarding the new system can be directed to the Staff Inbox.

    We hope that you can help us in making What.CD a more secure place for everybody.