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Important reminder - 14.12.18

Google Translation:

Remind the site to protect the rules (H&R Rule)

Preservation rules: All the seeds that have been downloaded should have a sharing ratio of 1:1. If the sharing ratio is not up to standard, they should be kept for 72 hours in two weeks.

Every day, we will check the seeds up to two weeks ago. According to the severity of the violations, users will be punished as follows:

1. A small number of users who violate the seeding rules will be warned that the download permission will be disabled if not improved;

2. Users who seriously violate the protection rules will be revoked and will not be allowed to download or directly ban the account;

3. Users who intentionally do not complete the seed in order to escape H&R will be directly banned.

Note: Download permissions are disabled and you can apply for recovery permissions yourself after one month. After the authority is restored, if there are still violations of the preservation rules, it will be directly banned.

By posztoló

About various issues - 02.12.18

Google Translation:

Questions about red seeds, incomplete pages, CSS format error, etc.

It is currently being investigated and may not be resolved as quickly.

Therefore, everyone should work overtime, first go out and have a look at the scenery without going overtime :)

By posztoló

Forbidden resources - 24.11.18

Google Translation:

Warm reminder: Please pay attention to whether the resource is a forbidden resource when reprinting

Recently, many violations have been found while reprinting the forbidden resources of other PT sites, which will cause you to be warned and even the account will be banned.

Therefore, before reprinting, please pay attention to [title / subtitle / body] whether there is a prohibition prompt, whether the seed has [forbidden] / [exclusive] label, confirm the non-prohibited resources and then reprint.

By posztoló

Some notes for uploaders - 15.10.18

Google Translation:

Some notes on the release of uploads

Site seed release specification:

forum post

Recent observations have revealed the following problems:

1. The main/subtitle is not filled out according to the specifications.

2. Missing posters, media information [MediaInfo], movie screenshots

3. Reprinted resources do not indicate the source or delete the original production group suffix

Please read the specifications of the preparation carefully and issue them in strict accordance with the specifications. In particular, the third question: the reprinted resource retains the suffix, and the original resource must have no suffix to indicate the source.

By posztoló

New rules - 08.10.18

Google Translation:

Notice on new rules of resources mutual aid zone

HDU's friends, good evening everyone.

Due to the current unsatisfactory status of the forum, in order to better promote the sharing spirit of PT, we have revised the regulations of the resource mutual aid zone.

In order to accurately match the resources, we have increased the requirements for the posting format and changed the original [Site Reward] mode to [People's Reward Magic] + [Site Reward].

From today on, please pay attention to publishing seeding/sequel posts according to the format, Posts not published according to the format will be deleted.

I also hope that everyone can share more and help each other to make the forum develop better.

Thanks for your support. :)

Version: forum post

By posztoló

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