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Maintenance - 13.01.19


We’re going to perform a maintenance at 2019/01/13 16:00 (GMT+8). Meanwhile, the website and tracker server  will be offline. Please wait patiently.

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Annual Awards - 02.01.19

Google Translation:

Douban Annual 2018

Click on the image to view the upload (the black representation does not show it)

Top rated Chinese movie


Top rated foreign language movie


Most watched cinema movies


The most watched non- cinema movie


Most looking forward to Chinese independence


Annual unpopular film


Top rated European movie


Top rated Korean movie


Top rated Japanese movie


Annual LGBT movie


Top rated comedy


The highest rated romance


Top rated sci-fi/action movie


Top rated horror/thriller


Highest rated cartoon


Highest rated documentary


Highest rated short film


Top rated mainland drama


The highest rated English and American drama


The highest rated Japanese drama


The highest rated Korean drama


The highest rated continental TV variety


The highest rated mainland network variety


The most popular Korean variety show


Highest rated anime episode


Highest rated record episode


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Important notices - 30.12.18

Happy New Year!

1. Sitewide freeleech will be activated on 31 Dec.  for 3 days. We wish you a Happy New Year!

2. The requirement to send invite is lowered to PO WER USER for 3 days.

3. The ticket system has been put into use. We onl y deal with account matters through ticket system  in future.

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2nd Anniversary Celebration (update) - 21.11.18

Google Translation:

2nd Anniversary Celebration 2 Years

A lot of celebrations - surprises constantly

OURBITS 2nd Anniversary Grand Celebration

First of all, I sincerely thank all the staff who have accompanied me for the growth of the station for two years and the members in the station!

Two years of time, the precipitation of the years, experienced my station, from the start of the busy hands to the current maturity, from the original obscurity to the current small reputation, is your hard work and support so that I gradually grow, in I am sincerely grateful to all the friends who accompanied me on this road! In this celebration, I stood to give back to you and prepared a lot of surprises. I hope everyone can sign up! (PS: It is said that there are prizes, and I can't disclose the prizes for the time being. The stationmaster is holding a knife behind me, Emmmm.) In the end, I hope everyone will have fun!

Celebration details

Ourbits new upgrade

What is the development of the website resource group in the past year?

In the past year, we have gradually expanded our cooperation with the FLTTH team, and now we have established a solid partnership, thanks to the FLTTH led by the Tower for the past year.

We reorganized the iLoveTV recording group, thanked BB brother for taking the lead in team building, and thanked the migrant workers and the ball for providing hardware, software and technical support.

We have set up a new team, Ao, which has already emerged in DRM video cracking, thanks to the team members of Psi and other members of the group's contribution to the growth process.

What has changed in the website in the past year?

We fixed the phenomenon of IMDb information anomaly, optimized the IMDb component, added the Douban information display, and then wrote a text introduction without filling in the film. Of course, you still silently adhere to the original habit, which makes people very helpless;

We have added the display/folding options for IMDb and Douban information in the website settings, you can decide the default display information according to your preferences;

We have optimized the poster display function of popular resources, greatly reducing the probability of error;

We optimized the release process. When publishing the seed, IMDb and Douban links only need to fill in one of them;

We have added the ability for anonymous issuers to respond anonymously to comments. If you choose to publish anonymously, you can also communicate with the reviewer without worrying about your username being compromised;

We added a strikethrough (using text) to the site so that you can better record your posts and seed profiles, and we also added @ andquote in the forum area and the seed area. Features to facilitate everyone's discussion.

We keep the data of all users. If you want to come back one day, we have been waiting for you here, but we also need to give new people more opportunities. In the information statistics column of the homepage of the website, we will not record the banned users. Also, when sending invitations and registering accounts, only the number of surviving accounts is detected;

We have an interesting feature on the line - the magic value of the bank, so that you can quickly borrow the magic value when you need it, of course, you have to do what you can, the loss of light magic value is not debt, will be hanged on the wall;

We are allowed to publish seeds without the announce field. If you forgot to fill in the announce while making the seed or remove the announce when you reprint the seed, please feel free to post it;

We optimized the seed label and you can click on the label to filter a certain type of seed;

We added real upload, download and share rate statistics on the user page, and recorded the magic value obtained by the user.

We started to analyze and identify Aria2 forged clients, and soon we will deal with long-term violations of users, to maintain fairness, is the responsibility of our management team;

We have added an automatic prohibition prompt. If you want to publish the forbidden resource, check the “Forbidden” tab when posting, and the forbidden prompt will appear automatically in the seed profile.

We allow users to choose rss and seed http or not when generating rss links;

We added the ability to display the VIP period in the user's personal center;

We have added an automatic confirmation feature (temporarily support WeChat and Alipay) so that you can get feedback the first time after the donation.

Thanks to the contribution of R sauce, ball and ω.

What problems do we have to solve in the new year?

In the past year, the website has added 24,470 seeds, but only 11,573 live species, the survival rate is 47.3%, less than half, indicating that the reprinted resources do not meet the needs of everyone, and many people exploit the rules, resulting in poor resources. Deliberately rampant, scattered the power of conservation. Under the premise of ensuring sufficient resources, we will formulate simple and easy DUPE rules, in order to prevent the phenomenon of fish.

In the past year, the official group released 8,837 seeds, of which 7,877 live species, the live breeding rate of 89.1%, this indicator needs to be improved, indicating that some of the resources we provide do not meet everyone's needs. The official group will abandon some unpopular resources and concentrate on making more popular resources.

In the past year, we have not managed enough resources. Therefore, we have set up a moderator team that specializes in patrolling seeds. We are currently developing and growing. If you have rich experience, please contact us.

Of course, there are still problems with the website, and we will gradually grow up in the process of finding and solving problems.

System Upgrade

During the year, I improved the list of uploads, spinach, badges, magic banks, and other existing features.

Remote subtitle group

In 2018, I officially cooperated with the Far Caption Group to provide better subtitle resources.

Resource GROUP

In the past year, we released 7877/8837 seeds.

2019 OurBits has for you more exciting!

In order to provide you with a better platform, please contact the webmaster to tell you different opinions and opinions. I am standing hard!

100 people

This is the time when my station just started.

1000 people

After standing for one month, I will reach 1,000 people.

12,000 people

When I stood on the first anniversary, I have reached this number of users.

just now

15,000 people, OurBits

Always working hard


I don't know how long I will stick to

You are here, I am


Website responds to everyone's needs All Independent server operation

24-hour server operation Professional team maintenance operations Seeking the latest resources Publishing the best resources

1 The higher the station, the farther it looks.

2 more than 20 features

Design and development according to the requirements

3 It is running all day and night.

4 I always want to rush out of the country and come on.


In the past year, we are grateful to those who have quietly paid for it. In the new year, we work together.

OURBITS is in the development stage!

Work needs your support

In the past year, we have released 7877/8837 seeds. Among them (the following only counts live species)

The OurBits Blu-ray original DIY team released 538 seeds, the military brothers released 129, and the flower brothers sent 113;

The OurBits REMUX team released 677 seeds, of which 81 were released by Uncle Dog and 80 by Shook.

The PbK team released 1938 seeds (including OurPad), of which 317 was passed by;

The OurTV team released 2,468 seeds, of which 839 were released.

The iLoveTV team released 1031 seeds, of which 215 were released by Coke.

iLoveHD has released 39 seeds;

The FLTTH team released 841 seeds, of which 163 were released and 153 were released.

Ao group released 231;

The Ffans team released 47 seeds.

In addition to the members of the above official group, we would like to pay special tribute to the R-soy and Luobei's hair-raising, as well as the seedless hebe and lengmianxia to continuously update resources.

OurBits 2nd Anniversary Badge

On the 2nd anniversary, I will issue two anniversary badges, two special badges, and one small badge for the first anniversary;

Anniversary badge

Big badge

Sale on November 17, 2018

222222 magic

Anniversary badge

Small badge

Sale on November 17, 2018

22222 magic

Special badge

Special contribution badge

Manually issued

99999999 magic

1st anniversary small badge

Small badge

Manually issued by the administrator

Free one-year badge for free

Special tribute badge

Reward the special contributors of this celebration

Administrator release

99999999 magic

OURBITS 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Hey, the long-awaited two-year anniversary, finally arrived, a lot of celebrations, quickly join


The second anniversary of November 17th grand opening

2nd anniversary lucky draw

Click me to order me.

Lucky to earn

Click me to order me.


Thanks to the many members of the website management team, they have nothing to do when managing the website. They are the main manager sidy, resource zone administrator lyhmg, inspector Alpha, DIY leader lingfriendly, REMUX leader SHOOK, PbK leader HAL9000, OurTV team leader Psi, iLoveTV team leader BB brother, FLTTH group leader tower, Ao group Long λ, candidate area master fantasymao, release group leader Li Zi, seed group leader kevin, resource zone moderator Luo Bei, Romer, Avatar, northeastone, Phoenixrobin, exhen and so on.


Contact me

1. The final interpretation of the celebration belongs to OURBITS!

2. The celebration is fair to the public! Found cheating immediately disqualified!

3, do not follow the rules to participate in no prizes!

Welcome everyone to say your suggestions and ideas

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Lottery winners - 20.11.18

Google Translation:

"Lucky make money" lottery

Chinese version

1. Members who won the lottery are:

   First prize:b****、o****、c****、S****

   Second prize:c****、S****、j****、a****、s****

   Third prize:l****、n****、l****、m****、1****、w**** 、l****、o****、l****、k****

2. Uploading rules of Anime/Show/Sport updated. Click HERE to check.

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