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News - 13.03.19

Open call for FLS candidates

Pornbay is a growing community and we are seeing lots of activity both in the torrents and in the forums. Since nobody on staff can be awake 24/7 all the time, we are looking for members of the community who are available to help out around the site and lessen the workload that arises while the rest of us are hugging our plushie Blue Fairy's and dreaming of multiple creampie videos.

That's why we are looking for volunteers for Intern positions. As Intern, you'd be junior staff and you'd be the First Line Support for any user that comes to staff needing help, be it with something as basic (for most of us) as seeding a torrent they uploaded, to deeper things like helping users get connectable or hold their hand as they struggle with torrenting issues.

Things that we will require of you:

Activity. While we can't put it in terms of hours per day or week, you'll need to be active and answer staff PM's when you can, and if there are none open, to help around the forums and maintain a general presence

IRC presence. If you cannot be present on IRC when you are active on site, that will ultimately be a deal breaker. You can find our IRC chat here.

General torrenting knowledge, as well as knoweledge of our site rules

An interest in helping others

A sense of humor, because we like to have fun and joke around

If you are interested in joining the ranks, respond in this thread and we will have a look at your history - do not PM me, do not send staff PM's, only respond in this thread. If we think you have what it takes, we might get back to you with more in depth info and questions.

You can reply in THIS THREAD if you are interested.

Thank You,

Pornbay Staff

By posztoló

News - 18.02.19

Bitcoin Donation Issues


As some of you might have noticed, there is currently an issue with generating personal bitcoin donation addresses. The staff are aware of the issue, and it is being worked on. There is no eta at this time for this issue to be fixed. We appreciate your patience with this issue. If you have a personal bitcoin donation address, you should be able to donate as normal, as we are unaware of anything affecting the actual donation process.

Thank you,

Pornbay Staff

By posztoló

News - 12.02.19

Greeting Pornbay members...

We know many of our less experienced users gain content for uploading here from other sites, such as rarbg and others. Unfortunately a change that rarbg has made on their site, will cause users uploading content from there problems here. Specifically their inclusion of a text file, that they've change the extension to .exe. This is specifically designed to try to block their torrents from being re-uploaded onto other trackers. Seeing as how most trackers have rules about no .exe files in video torrents.

Pornbay has such a rule as well.. In fact we ban .exe files in all cases with the following exception:

Upload Rules - Do Not Upload - Exceptions:

3) Executable files of any type (.exe, self-extracting archives, screensavers) - Exception: Hentai & Porn Games

You can read more about it here: rarbg adds exe file to torrents but no need to panic

While we know this file is a benign .txt file wearing a .exe costume that does not mean unscrupulous people would not replace that .exe with one that actually contains malware, and as such we will be enforcing our no .exe rules as normal. There will be no exceptions and torrents including .exe's that do not meet the exceptions, will be removed. Multiple offenses will have warnings and/or Bans issued to the offending user.

Remember you are responsible for following the rules, and for what content you upload.

Thank you,

Pornbay Staff

By posztoló

News - 28.01.19

Greetings PB'ers...

This is just a quick reminder, that we'd appreciate if all of you were using an approved image host for your Avatars, Signatures, and any images you use in torrent presentations (including within saved Private Templates).

Additionally, we'd also like to make sure you are using HTTPS for your images, rather than HTTP. If you could verify that your avatars, signatures, and any template images are using HTTPS, that would be great. AS always all of the current Pornbay Whitelisted Image Hosts all offer HTTPS.


The Pornbay Staff.

By posztoló

Pornbay zseton 2019 - 02.01.19

Ismét itt az ideje, hogy a pornbay tomboljon. Ez egy különféle díjak megnyerésének lehetősége. Az 1 ezer kreditért

esélyt kaphat arra, hogy olyan dolgokat nyerhessen, mint a PFL / PDS, résidők, egyéni cím, vagy 4 hét személyes ingyenes pióca!

Az 1k / jegy ára miatt csatlakozhat a nyereményjátékhoz, hogy nyerjen. 2019. február 1-jén a nyerteseket


1. 4 hét PDS vagy PFL választása (csak 1 nyertes a nyereményért)

2. 1 hét PDS vagy PFL (3 jegyet választanak ki a nyereményért)

3. Egyéni cím vagy 1 ingyenes cím megváltozik a jövőben, ha már van egy. (2 jegyet választanak ki erre a nyereményre)

4. 5 slot (5 jegyet választanak ki erre a nyereményre)

5. 3 slots (5 jegyet választanak ki erre a nyereményre)

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By bincy

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