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    2016. április 14.
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    With the passing away of x264 we, the staff of AHD, have decided to open our doors to any of their refugees who wish to join our site.

    To those x264 members who are not acquainted with AHD, let's just say that the two sites share a similar mission and ethos. We are an HD/UHD tracker with focus on movies and TV Shows (whole seasons only!) and our internal encoders are considered some of the best on the web.

    To apply for an account you must go here:
    1) enter a valid email address, 2) supply at least one screenshot proof of actual x264 membership (either account screenshot or torrents seeded) and 3) a short description of your tracker history or any and all info you think could be relevant.

    As always, skilled encoders are always welcome and if you're not then you'll find that we have great resources on the how-to's once you have signed up.

    The Staff