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  1. Dark Angel / Guest

    Banner & Icons Competition!
    Greetings TV users,

    We've been talking about getting a new banner/logo and icons made for a while in the staff channel, and we only know how to use paint. So we need you guys to come up with a whole new design. We think we all can agree that the site needs a facelift, so we start out with the small stuff.

    These are the criterias that needs to be followed:

    - Size has to be 880x100px
    - Transparent background
    - No pornographic images.

    - Size has to be 60x40px
    - Transparent background
    - No pornographic images.

    Both banner/logo and icons can be colorful, as long as it blends in with the current background. (unless you think youre really good and want to make one of those too [​IMG] )

    For EACH of the two competitions, this will be the prizes:

    1st - 1 year ViP + 500GB + 5 invites
    2nd - 3 months ViP + 250GB + 3 invites
    3rd - 1 month ViP +125GB + 1 invite

    The competition will end on July 20th. The winner will be picked by the users Through 2 polls we will put up on website.


    Put your BANNER/LOGO entries - forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=1558

    Put your ICON entries - forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=1559

    You CAN enter more than one banner or logo.

    Good luck and have fun!
    < 3 TV Staff