Bluseed 1 Gb Line Seedbox Review

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    2012. április 05.
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    My Bluseed 1 GB Line SeedBox Review (updated 10-21-2011 will update if something new comes up as often as possible)

    please AVOID this SB provider at all cost - try reading my whole entire review if possible

    Image Below this is what I was supposed to get


    Overall Review : (10-27-2011) the Images you see below (after 1st images) are supposed to be what it looks like to have a server with 4 users only but clearly afterwards BluSeed oversold and change user limit to 6 and didn't keep the promised 4 users/server when I bought into the plan. it's nothing more than Trick and bait tactics that they are using all over the Forums to Advertise there business

    HDD: 600GB (They had a problem with Trashed can - my disk Allocation exceeded because of that) ops it's only 550 HDD, confirm by having torrent locks up near 550 GB (had to delete files and start torrent again)


    Shared 1Gbps line (6 people maybe more, they throttled your plan to 100 Mbit : confirm via rutorrent settings and when I VNC to terminal, also throttle plugin is installed LOL) FYI VNC - is a remote control to access into your server

    CPU: 6 Core Shared (Think 1 or 2 cored are only being Utilized)

    RAM: 32GB Shared (confirm via VNC - shared among 6 users but they try to give you less than 2 or 3 Gb of that)

    Clients on server: 4 maximum (change to 6 w/o keeping the promised 4 after paying)

    Price: 32.50 Euro (expensive for a 100 Mbit plan, less expensive and more honest somewhere else)

    (Below was part of my original review added some new info as needed)

    admin control panel - VNC Remote Access, SHH (putty) to restart Rutorrent etc...
    Web Interface - WebUI - yes
    FTP accessible - yes SSL/explicit

    This is what I got the first two days (guess i was the first one using the server) Tested on a 0 Day tracker (one with S something something C) with 1 seeder and 54 leechers 23 GB torrent, got in 15 minutes after upload/pre, half had 54% complete, in no time I was doing 77.5 MB/s download and around 20 Upload. history dictates that if i got in that late, it's going to be hard getting any ratio on tracker (made 1 ratio first hour)

    IPT 102 GB FL down/Up Test :


    S*C FL down/up Test :


    Other Trackers Upload :


    I was flagged for excessive UP speed 2x on different trackers, got account back..(was only the first 2 days, rest it was throttled to 100 Mbit Line, no sense changing it, they will only change it back as much time as you change it)

    PROS : none well i did get 1000 Mbit speed for around 3-4 days out of a month LOL LOL, rest 100 Mbit or less

    CONS/PROBLEMS : went down few times, once over 30 hours (no seeding), went down when i needed it most (time when I just downloaded big FL's or when HOT TV series comes out and it has over 100 leechers then puff it's down) supposed to be 32 GB memory but only I get the "unable to allocate memory" for as little as 14 torrents seeding/leeding (done 200 torrent on a 2 GB memory with no problem - other SB), WEBUI is so and so, half the time it's fast, other half very slow ....rechecking files with 32 gb shared mem should be a breeze, it isn't, not sure maybe the other 3 people using the SB with me hogging out all the resources of CPU and Memory idk ...get the XMLrpc error (not compatible with version? idk) webui was fast 1st day or two, been laggy since then, connection down/up not reliable (Tested on leecher trackers got it first 5 grabs, then 5 minutes later I was at 3% everyone else had the movie watching it already)
    Empty reply from server - not good when you see this, either the way stuff were configure where wrong/need debugging/wrong setting but it's probably one reason server returns "Empty reply from server" error, or it could be the way server network/firewall settings were setup, so much error,the request for rtorrent has timeouts (very common) etc ....when i chk rtorrent it tells me half the time it has another version installed and half the time i see it configured as a 100 Mbps (could this be the reason for the speed mood swings - conflicting config files?)

    They blamed me for throttling myself? LOL why would i pay for a 1 gb server and throttle myself? oh ya another pm they will refund some $$


    update : Best example of this mood swing (download Bf3) 70+ seeders and 500+ leechers I got most was 10 Mbps and 7 Mbps up, should have been maxed out speed, or at least 30 Mpbs down/up

    update : someone keeps changing my bandwidht limited to 100 mbit line (yes i got the 1 gb line, should be no limit or 0), I change it back ,client goes down and it's back to limiting it .... bad config or ripoff? idk maybe both (change throttle 5x a day and after hour or so, rtorrent would go down, reset and throttle back on again)

    update : Ohh i see what the problem is now, the promised 4 user per server is now 6 users per server according to the info on the website they are running, and only 550 HDD, instead of 600 HDD, they switch me to this without telling me, what a shaddy way of doing business!!!!!plus they have throttled my speed to 100 Mbit line ... makes good business sense to clients? NO!

    update 10-27-2011 : takes forever to get peers to download files (my other sb instant), somethings adding torrent/removing takes some time /few minutes

    Throttling Proof from my WebGUI, VNC too but not sure how to do proof from server lol - looks like a 100 Mbit Limit on a 1000 Mbit line plan


    My Recommendation : when you advertise something, Honor it! Don't screw your clients

    My Scoring

    Down Speed : 5.0/10 - Max 77.5 Mbps (would be higher maybe 9.8 but speed got mood swings)

    Upload Speed : 5.0/10 - Max 93+ Mbps (yes you read it right 93+) (would be higher maybe 9.8 but speed got mood swings)

    got 1 GB speed maybe 3-4 days out of the 18 days i had service with them, rest worst than 100 Mbit line

    Support : 5/10 answered most of my pm's but when asked about speed problems they never told me about being shared with 6 people instead of 4 that was advertised (17 days, over 30 PM's), they keep promising some refund (check paypal no refund, even sent my email to them for paypal refund)

    Ruttorent/rtorrent/Server stability/webgui - 5/10 (might change still has SB for a while) see cons for more details

    I've been most patient with them but it's wearing me down with issues day in, night out ...

    Refund : ask for it, they said yes but hasn't gotten money after 72 hours (will update)

    10-27-2011 : PM them at least give me the differnce between the 100 Mbit and what I paid ..

    10-28-2011 : was told when partner read/see PM refund is coming soon (been four days partner never reads pm's?

    10-29-2011 : received Refund - less than what was expected (remember I ask refund on 10-24, so should have been around half what i paid for) but any refund is better than zero LOL



    maybe i was the only one complaining? but then again maybe the rest didn't know what a 1 GB line should be? or happy with being throttle to 100 mbit line when they paid for 1000 mbit ? idk and yes they will blame it on the torrent and avoid the question on why your setting keeps reverting back to 100 Mbit line..
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