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    Hi all!

    This is a very brief update on the status of things as November is puttin' on its gray hairs;

    As of this moment everything that we could bring over from the old site, has been brought over. Stats, user records, forum posts, and much much more, including (as hopefully everybody have seen by now) the torrent records themselves, which now all are loaded in the DB.

    If you have MTV torrents loaded in your clients that aren't green/seeding yet, verify you're using the right URL and troubleshoot your basic network settings (the Thread: November torrents update has some tips and pitfalls users have already encountered). If all else fails, send us a staff pm including announce URL and exact torrent name and we'll see what we can find out.

    From now on, it's all into the unknown! Torrent grouping is structurally ready and the user interface for this is now being worked on. The next step is getting staff set up to be able to check the torrents, and then the actual checking, which also will take a little while. After that we'll be drawing nearer to the full public launch, but as you can see we are not quite yet there.

    Thank you all for your continued patience and support, we're all chomping at the bits to get started and truly believe this will all be worth the wait for us all.

    More updates will come as soon as we have more to share, until then, stay safe all!

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