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    2016. április 14.
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    Its been a long time coming, but finally we have a neat and concise set of rules to officially govern the treatment of E-Books, including Guides & Manuals as well as Books & Magazines with game related content. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the new rules.
    An important point to note is that these new rules apply to both uploads under GameDOX Release Type and uploads under the E-Book Category.
    To see the new changes, head over to the ↑ 5. E-Books rules.

    On top of the introduction of E-Book rules, there have been a few small changes made existing rules. As usual, small rule updates can be found in the Rule & Wiki Changelog.

    Few example groups and torrents
    *gazellegames.net/torrents.php?id=26149*https://gazellegames.net/torrents.ph...s.php?id=28889 (For examples sake, issues from 2017 was kept as individual uploads for now. Rules allow those torrents to be trumped by year pack, but if we were still on for example September, this is how those should be uploaded)*https://gazellegames.net/torrents.php?id=35806 (GameDOX - Game Guides section)

    ↑_ 1.1.8. Self-extracting 7-Zip, WinZip, WinRAR or any other self-extracting archive formats as well as custom installers like InstallShield are not allowed for Home Rips. They pose a security risk to our members.

    Recently there has been an increasing amount of torrents added to the site considered as Home Rips that also come with custom installer. As per ↑_ 1.1.8, all custom installers and self-extracting archives are not permitted on Home Rip uploads. Only Scene, Recognized P2P Groups and GGn Internal Team releases may use custom installers or self-extracting archives. Any torrent a user wishes to upload that has a custom installer and is not one of the above mentioned Release Types, it is not allowed to be uploaded. If there is some explicit reason why an upload must be contained in a custom installer, an exception may be granted in rare cases upon request from staff. Only special cases of some rare content will be considered, and the safety of the torrent has been checked by staff.

    Custom installers always pose a security risk to our users. The original creator of the installer can easily hide malware, bitcoin miners and other nasties in the installer, and have it installed along with game. Alternatively someone with malicious intent could take an existing custom installer, modify it to add malware, and spread it disguised as an original reputable release. We understand that the rules regarding this are strict, and although some may oppose our stance, its done to keep everyone here as safe as possible. We cant mitigate the risks completely, but these rules help significantly.

    Violations of this rule have become much more common recently, and so we are forced to take an even stricter approach. Starting immediately, any user who uploads a Home Rip with a custom installer will receive a site warning - no matter what the circumstances are. Repeated violations will put your account at great risk of being banned. If you are unsure if your upload is allowed or not, just send us a Staff PM before uploading to make sure.

    We would like to remind everyone about the importance of reporting any issues or rule violations you see on GGn. Staff work tirelessly to spot and fix whatever issues there are, but it’s hard to spot them all. Community help in this matter greatly appreciated and strongly encouraged. With your help its easier for us to better prioritise our time, and the community benefits when we can tackle the issues faster. Staff are working to resolve all issues, but it might take time. Often we see complaints in torrent comments, forum posts and IRC about issues with torrents, forum rule violations, abusive members, etc. Please keep in mind that we dont penalise anyone for invalid reports (unless you spam us just for fun), so even if something you notice makes you wonder if or when staff should do something about it, its a good enough reason to report it.

    <3 GGn Staff