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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    Halloween is only a few days away and we have got plans to do some really interesting stuff this year. In preparation of the upcoming festivities, we have set up a dedicated Holiday Festivities forum for such events to help keep things simple and easy to maintain.

    First up is a Halloween Banner Competition. The task is simple: design a Halloween themed banner and the best banner will be displayed in the announcement post for the main event! The winner will be given due credit and there are prizes too! Check out the link for more details.

    Second is a pre-poll thread to gauge the community's interest in horror games. We would like you to tell us what horror games you like/enjoyed the most. The popular choices will be put up in a poll on 31st October and the top 3 games will be Freeleech till the end of November! Details can be found here.

    We look forward to your contributions to make this event successful. More to come on 31st October!

    - GGn Staff