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    Happy Birthday To Us

    And then we were three. Let us celebrate with few announcements and FL picks.

    During the last twelve months a lot of Gazelle development has happened under the hood. Spine has been spending (and still is!) endless amounts of time to refactor the existing codebase and adding small UI improvements here and there, like the new similar artist graphs. There is a crazy amount of over 800 commits on our internal Gazelle repository since then, including almost 700 commits by Spine and over 100 by itismadness! Unfortunately no code is perfect and this causes bugs every now and then. Thank you all for your patience and reporting the errors you find in the bugs forum!

    But nothing would be driving those endeavors if it wasn't for our great community. Thank you all for making Orpheus what it is!

    Staff Updates

    Welcome to Robocop, fuzter and sheepish who joined our staff at varying times but have not yet been officially welcomed.

    Robocop joined the moderator team helping out with torrent moderation and reports. Robo has a message for you all kids out there, "Stay out of trouble."

    sheepish joined the development team and has been creating awesome time-saving tools to streamline the torrent moderation process. I cannot confirm or deny rumors that sheepish is a big fan of Baaa-ch.

    futzer joined the moderator team and futzes around, and has a talent for tracking down cheaters and other black sheep.

    Not only additions to the team have happened. Quetzal and webhead left the team for personal reasons. We miss them, and wish them all the best!

    Bonus Shop Discounts

    For the next week or so, all purchases in the Bonus Shop will be 20% off!

    Freeleech Picks!

    We haven't done one of these for a while, so how about some picks from our Beta Team who try out new code and report back when things don't work. Spine is breaking things faster than they can keep up in the process of rewriting Gazelle, so don't blame them when things stop working.

    In the meantime, enjoy their recommendations!

    k***'s Beta Team Pick


    Zero 7 - When It Falls (2004)
    (Album) (trip.hop, electronic, downtempo)

    Album description:
    When It Falls is the second album by Zero 7, released on 1 March 2004.

    The album features vocals by Sia Furler (on tracks "Somersault" and "Speed Dial No.2"), Mozez (on "Warm Sound", "Over Our Heads" and "Morning Song"), Sophie Barker (on "Passing By" and "In Time") and Tina Dico (on "Home" and "The Space Between").

    Track list:
    1. Warm Sound (05:30)
    2. Home (04:36)
    3. Somersault (06:57)
    4. Over Our Heads (04:23)
    5. Passing By (04:51)
    6. When It Falls (05:30)
    7. The Space Between (06:01)
    8. Look Up (05:56)
    9. In Time (04:58)
    10. Speed Dial No.2 (03:50)
    11. Morning Song (06:30)
    12. Light Blue Movers (05:28)

    Personal statement:
    One of my all time favourites. I discovered the group by listening to their remix of Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls. I find this album very relaxing and it features some great singers, one of them being the Australian pop singer Sia before her breakthrough. It is most definitely a record I would bring to a desert island.

    J***'s Beta Team Pick


    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F# A# ∞
    (Album) (post.rock, drone, ambient, field.recording, spoken.word)

    Album description:
    F# A# ∞ is the debut studio album by Canadian post-rock band, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, released on August 14th, 1997.

    Recorded in May of 1997, the album is devoid of traditional lyrics - except some spoken word parts - and is mostly instrumental, with long songs segmented into traditional movements and wide dynamics.

    Initially released in extremely limited quantities, at live events, and advertised via word of mouth, the original vinyl release is heavily sought by collectors.
    The original 500 records' jackets were handmade by the band, their record label, and local Montreal artists. The cover features one of three original photographs, either a water tower, a train, or a road sign, and was glued onto the cover. The sleeve, jacket, and records themselves have no mention of track titles - sides only identifiable by the matrix numbers cut into the vinyl, with the track names scratched into the dead wax of the record.

    The album became more popularized with the Compact Disc release in 1998, although to fit the whole album on disc, tracks were edited and removed, making the CD a total different experience from the original 500 series vinyl.

    Thankfully, the album has been re-released over the years, ensuring future collectors can hear the tracks in their original medium.

    Vinyl Tracklist:
    A Nervous, Sad, Poor... (20:43)
    - The Dead Flag Blues (Intro)
    - Slow Moving Trains
    - The Cowboy...
    - Drugs in Tokyo
    - The Dead Flag Blues (Outro)
    - [untitled]

    B Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful... (17:38)
    - "...Nothing's Alrite in Our Life..." / Dead Flag Blues (Reprise)
    - The Sad Mafioso...
    - Kicking Horse on Brokenhill
    - String Loop Manufactured During Downpour...
    Total length (38:21)

    CD/WEB Tracklist
    01. The Dead Flag Blues (16:27)
    02. East Hastings (17:58)
    03. Providence (29:02)
    Total length (63:27)

    Personal statement:
    This is one of those albums that make you really fall in love with vinyl. On the right stereo it fills up the room with sound in a way that's pretty indescribable. This album is a must listen and I'm happy to share it with all of you at Orpheus. It's certainly in my top ten of all time and no matter my mood, it's a joy to listen to.

    L***'s Beta Team Pick


    Tresque - Estampi [2017] [Album]
    (Album) (techno, electronic)

    1. Estampi Pt.I (20:12)
    2. Estampi Pt.II (20:32)

    Total length: 40:44

    Personal statement:
    Not long ago after thinking that i knew everything i ran into Tresque

    More information: https://www.discogs.com/Tresque-Estampi/release/11387491

    T***'s Beta Team Pick


    (Album) (Hip-Hop/Rap, Rap, Dirty South, Underground Rap)

    Album description:
    On the final instalment of their SATURATION trilogy, hip-hop “boy band” BROCKHAMPTON are in hyperdrive. SATURATION III continues the sprawling narratives of the first two albums, but they saved something big for their last lap. From the manic opener “BOOGIE,” the album crams myriad styles and themes into a dense, brilliant LP—their third in seven months. Between the ominous “LIQUID,” the soulful “BLEACH,” and the aggressively noisy “SISTER / NATION,” the 15-ish members of BROCKHAMPTON—around seven of whom rap—have successfully fused beats, bravado, honesty, meaning, humour, and sheer fun into one hell of an album.

    Vinyl Tracklist
    1. BOOGIE (03:13)
    2. ZIPPER (03:22)
    3. JOHNNY (04:11)
    4. LIQUID (01:22)
    5. CINEMA 1 (00:45)
    6. STUPID (03:36)
    7. BLEACH (04:33)
    8. ALASKA (03:19)
    9. HOTTIE (03:17)
    10. CINEMA 2 (00:38)
    11. SISTER / NATION (06:04)
    12. RENTAL (03:33)
    13. STAINS (02:59)
    14. CINEMA 3 (00:51)
    15. TEAM (04:33)

    Total length (46:16)

    Personal statement:
    10/10 Boy band.

    a***'s Beta Team Pick

    Marcy Playground - Marcy Playground
    (Album) (Alternative Rock, Grunge)


    Album description:
    Marcy Playground's John Wozniak was one of those kids who, like Charlie Brown, got a bag of rocks for Halloween instead of candy. Fortunately, Wozniak used his childhood ostracism as the inspiration and fuel to write charmingly quirky pop songs. Wozniak woos the listener with his smooth, low-key vocals and lighthearted delivery of weighty, somewhat twisted, and darkly humorous songs. "Poppies" gives a cheery history lesson on the origins of the international opium trade, while "Elvinkind" and "Dog and His Master," with its chorus of "One little, two little, three little idiots," could become new, if slightly warped, children's standards. And then there's the country feel of the chartbuster, "Sex & Candy," with the sing-along refrain "I smell sex and candy here." One of the qualities of an exceptional band is the ability to tell a story through their music; something that Marcy Playground succeed at beautifully. --Gail Worley

    Track list:
    1. Poppies
    2. Sex and Candy
    3. Ancient Walls of Flowers
    4. Saint Joe on the School Bus
    5. A Cloak of Elvenkind
    6. Sherry Fraser
    7. Gone Crazy
    8. Opium
    9. One More Suicide
    10. Dog and His Master
    11. The Shadow of Seattle
    12. The Vampires of New York

    Personal statement:
    First heard this album with a really good friend who I sadly don't see anymore. This album is nearly a perfect 10 for me, it's an album I will sit and listen through completion. It has "darker" themes with a more upbeat tone and creates a really interesting juxtaposition.

    l***'s Beta Team Pick


    Jethro Tull - Benefit [1970]
    (Album) (rock, progressive.rock, folk.rock, art.rock)

    Album description:
    Benefit was the album on which the Jethro Tull sound solidified around folk music, abandoning blues entirely. Beginning with the opening number, "With You There to Help Me," Anderson adopts his now-familiar, slightly mournful folksinger/sage persona, with a rather sardonic outlook on life and the world; his acoustic guitar carries the melody, joined by Martin Barre's electric instrument for the crescendos. This would be the model for much of the material on Aqualung and especially Thick as a Brick, although the acoustic/electric pairing would be executed more effectively on those albums. Here the acoustic and electric instruments are merged somewhat better than they were on Stand Up (on which it sometimes seemed like Barre's solos were being played in a wholly different venue), and as needed, the electric guitars carry the melodies better than on previous albums. Most of the songs on Benefit display pleasant, delectably folk-like melodies attached to downbeat, slightly gloomy, but dazzlingly complex lyrics, with Barre's guitar adding enough wattage to keep the hard rock listeners very interested. "To Cry You a Song," "Son," and "For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me" all defined Tull's future sound: Barre's amp cranked up to ten (especially on "Son"), coming in above Anderson's acoustic strumming, a few unexpected changes in tempo, and Anderson spouting lyrics filled with dense, seemingly profound imagery and statements. As on Stand Up, the group was still officially a quartet, with future member John Evan (whose John Evan Band had become the nucleus of Jethro Tull two years before) appearing as a guest on keyboards; his classical training proved essential to the expanding of the group's sound on the three albums to come. Benefit was reissued in a remastered edition with bonus tracks at the end of 2001, which greatly improved the clarity of the playing and the richness of the sound; the four additional tracks are "Singing All Day," "Witch's Promise," the elegant, gossamer-textured "Just Trying to Be," and the original U.K. mix of "Teacher." Written and recorded prior to Benefit, they're all lighter in mood than the material from the original album, adding some greater variety but fitting in perfectly on a stylistic level.

    Track list:
    1. With You There To Help Me
    2. Nothing To Say
    3. Inside
    4. Son
    5. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me
    6. To Cry You A Song
    7. A Time For Everything
    8. Teacher
    9. Play In Time
    10. Sossity; You're A Woman

    Personal statement:
    Teacher is one of my Favorite Tull songs. Hence the US release specified.

    O***'s Beta Team Pick


    Oiseaux-Tempête - From Somewhere Invisible [2019]
    (Album) (post.rock, experimental, spoken.word)
    Bandcamp | Discogs | Website

    Album description:
    Edited and mixed between Montreal and Paris, 'From Somewhere Invisible' summons the fever of experimentation and the powerful sound of the game coming together in the service of a luxuriant and psychedelic drift. Synthetic brass meets hammered rhythms, string electrics with cracked electronics, saxophone cries and laughter at a pulsing and seminal bass.

    Track list:
    1. He Is Afraid and So am I (09:13)
    2. In Crooked Flight on the Slopes of the Sky (04:09)
    3. We, Who Are Strewn About in Fragments (09:37)
    4. Weird Dancing in All-Night I (03:45)
    5. Weird Dancing in All-Night II (02:56)
    6. The Naming of a Crow (13:16)
    7. Out of Sight (03:34)

    Personal statement:
    This album continues to be on high rotation on my home and mobile music devices. Almost jazz at times in terms of its improvisational nature, but firmly in a post-rock vibe. Personal favorites, "We, Who Are Strewn About in Fragments", which is a poem by Ghayath Almadhoun
    who are strewn about in fragments,
    whose flesh flies through the air like raindrops,
    offer our profound apologies to everyone in this civilised world,
    men, women and children,
    because we have unintentionally appeared in their peaceful homes without asking permission.
    We apologise for stamping our severed body parts into their snow-white memory,
    because we have violated the image of the normal,
    whole human being in their eyes,
    because we have had the impertinence to leap suddenly on to news bulletins and the pages of the internet and the press,
    naked except for our blood and charred remains.and The Naming of a Crow, also a poem, by Yu Jian:...
    I heard a chorus of ominous cawings
    suspended somewhere out of sight
    and I wanted to say something
    to declare to the world that I was not afraid
    of those invisible sounds.Words and music that resonate long after the album is over.

    a***'s Beta Team Pick


    deadmau5 - 5 years of mau5 [2014]
    (Anthology) (Electronic, House, Dubstep)

    Album description:
    Celebrating five years of his own imprint, Mau5trap, the double-disc set 5 Years of Mau5 rounds up most of the previous hits from EDM producer Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5. Disc one features the straight-up versions, and with the focus on the label; off-Mau5trap numbers like "Move with Me" with Kaskade are missing, but getting "Ghosts 'n' Stuff," "I Remember," and "The Veldt" in one go makes for a lot of prime, spacy, and melodic EDM. Disc two offers many of these same numbers but in remix form, with Dillon Francis' take on "Some Chords" being the new, stark twerker to cherish, while the tried-and-true award ends in a tie with Eric Prydz's work on "The Veldt" (heavenly, ever ascending future disco) and Nero's remix of "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" (perfectly paced and bottomless bass; it must be where the term "awesome drop" came from) sharing the prize. Laid end to end, these EDM favorites paint Deadmau5 not as an innovator, but as a solid craftsman with a love of the bold (slamming basslines, speaker-ripping noises) and the beautiful (soaring, melodic vocals, and/or melodies). Those already familiar with the DJ will find 5 Years of Mau5 an easy pick-up or portable hits collection with only a few bits of new. - https://www.allmusic.com/album/5-years-of-mau5-mw0002768251

    Track list:

    Disc 1 (01:16:17)
    1. Ghosts 'n' Stuff (05:28)
    2. Raise Your Weapon (08:24)
    3. I Remember (09:53)
    4. Some Chords (07:24)
    5. Strobe (Club Edit) (06:21)
    6. The Veldt (8 Minute Edit) (08:41)
    7. Brazil (2nd Edit) (06:39)
    8. Aural Psynapse (07:30)
    9. Not Exactly (09:16)
    10. Sofi Needs A Ladder (06:41)

    Disc 2 (57:50)
    1. Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) (04:51)
    2. Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Chuckie Remix) (06:01)
    3. The Veldt (deadmau5 Vs. Eric Prydz Edit) (06:26)
    4. Maths (Botnek Remix) (04:23)
    5. Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Extended Remix) (04:17)
    6. Strobe (Michael Woods 2014 Remix) (07:12)
    7. I Remember (Shiba San Remix) (05:35)
    8. Raise Your Weapon (Wax Motif Remix) (04:33)
    9. Sofi Needs A Ladder (Pig&Dan Remix) (07:37)
    10. Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (NERO Remix) (06:55)

    Beatport bonus tracks (12:08)
    1. I Said (Michael Woods 'I Said It Again' ReEdit) (06:16)
    2. Raise Your Weapon (Weiss Remix) (05:52)

    Total length: 02:14:07 or 02:26:16

    Personal statement:
    I recently rediscovered this release in my own library, and a whole bunch of great memories came flooding back. Even if you don't typically listen to the genre, you'll have surely heard some of these songs in popular culture or on the radio. Feel free to take the opportunity to relive past moments, or live in the now and vibe out to the energetic tracks. Enjoy!

    r***'s Beta Team Pick


    ITZY - IT'z ICY [2019]
    (EP) (Pop, Kpop, Korean, Female.Vocalist)

    Track list:
    1. ICY (03:11)
    2. CHERRY (03:10)
    3. IT'z SUMMER (03:18)
    4. 달라달라 (DallasK remix) (03:11)
    5. WANT IT? (Imad Royal remix) (03:28)

    Personal statement:
    I like K-pop. Give it a try, maybe?

    i***'s Beta Team Pick


    Mexico City Blondes - Blush [2019]
    (Album) (electronic, alternative, dance, female.vocalist, pop, indie.pop, trip.hop rhythm.and.blues indie.rock)

    Album description:
    I don't quite know how to classify/tag this fantastic album, but I know I love it!

    Track list:
    1. Out to Dry (03:56)
    2. Addio (04:03)
    3. Road Noise (04:25)
    4. Thick as Thieves (03:07)
    5. Yellow Sunshine (02:57)
    6. Thin Line (04:09)
    7. Crimson (04:53)
    8. Off the Hook (04:08)
    9. Sunny Day (04:36)
    10. All Night (03:09)
    11. Reasons Why (04:40)
    12. Planet Caravan (04:32)

    Personal statement:
    Her voice & the way they process it, plus the guitar tone on the fills, remind me of early Morcheeba (i.e. Fragments of Freedom / Charango -era) — but Morcheeba since the old days has gotten stale. This is not stale.

    It's like they took that bright version of trip hop, dialed down the mellow slightly, picked up the pace, and sprinkled in a bit more pop.

    Other than that comp, difficult to classify — just a chill, listenable set of catchy and interesting songs. I like every single one on the album; when does that ever happen?!

    p***'s Beta Team Pick


    Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By [2001]
    (Anthology) (hip.hop, electronic, acid.jazz, trip.hop, easy.listening)

    Track list:
    1. Ladies Love Chest Rockwell
    2. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
    3. Anger Management
    4. Everyone Has a Summer
    5. To Catch a Thief
    6. Lies and Alibis
    7. Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks
    8. Book of the Month
    9. Lifeboat
    10. Strangers on a Train
    11. Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby)
    12. Sex (I'm a)
    13. Koala's Lament
    14. Tea Time With Maseo
    15. Stroker Ace
    16. Archie & Veronica

    Personal statement:
    Maybe it's just the association at this point - I've listened to this album more times than I can count - but there are sections and entire tracks that just open up parts of my brain and memories that I connect so directly to this sound that I can't hear it without being there, or remember them without starting to hum.

    It's gone in waves, at different times and for different reasons nearly every track has been my favorite (though I will always think that To Catch a Thief is the sexiest song ever recorded). Right now Lifeboat is on my general playlist that I listen to a few times a week.

    I love everything about it - from the nearly textbook Dan the Automator sound to the contrast and sparring in Jennifer Charles' and Mike Patton's voices to the guest spots from Damon Albarn, Kid Koala, and Prince Paul among others.

    I first became aware of it on Limewire of all places. I had basically my entire music library on it at that point, and someone reached out via the in app messaging and said, "Your collection is good, but it could use some Lovage." That was it. Never heard from them again. On first listen I was hooked and I've been listening ever since.

    A***'s Beta Team Pick


    Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites [2005]
    (Album) (metal, post.rock, sludge.metal, post.metal)

    Album description:
    The Galilean Satellites is the first studio album by American post-metal band Rosetta, released in 2005 on Translation Loss Records. The album is two discs long and the track lengths on each disc correspond to each other, indicating that the band intended the albums to be played at the same time. Disc one is in a post-metal style while disc two is ambient noise.

    Track list:

    Disc 1:
    1. Départe (08:13)
    2. Europa (10:25)
    3. Absent (09:45)
    4. Itinérant (16:15)
    5. Au Pays Natal (13:32)

    Disc 2:
    1. Deneb (08:14)
    2. Capella (10:25)
    3. Beta Aquilae (09:45)
    4. Ross 128 (16:15)
    5. Sol (15:29)

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