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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    Yey!!! come and get them .The torrents have been set freeleech until Halloween.

    Also remember the bingo night there is going to be some BIG winners.m00g will be running it and djing.

    Here is his post on prizes and time

    Bingo Night November 1st 2014 @ 20:00 UK Time

    Full House = 10tb upload
    Line (vertical or horizontal or diagonal) = 2tb upload x2 WINNERS!! (one for vertical or horizontal, one for diagonal)
    Four Corners = 4 freeleech slots

    I the forum read here to see how easy it is and get signed up for your free Bingo card.


    As always we appreciate all of you being a part of Twilight.Good luck on the Bingo night.

    PS: we deleted out 600 users for inactivity so tell your friends to join while it is open signup.

    Thank you

    The Twilight staff
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