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    Happy New Year to all the members of Orpheus. May 2022 be a better year than 2021.

    Orpheus Collaborative Collages

    To kick of the new year, we are going to try an experiment in crowd sourcing, using collages to help with music discovery. Suppose you have no idea of the difference between #dub and #dubstep and would like to listen t an album that is considered "one of the best".

    It this case, you could visit Orpheus Collaborative #dub Collage and Orpheus Collaborative #dubstep Collage and chose a couple of albums that have garnered a number of upvotes.

    A number of collages (80 in total) have been created, that represent the most widely tags on the site. To make the list, a tag name had to be used in 5,000 groups or more.

    If successful, we may add more. To make it a success, we need your input. Think about your favorite genres, and add your favorite album to the appropriate collage. If it is already there, that's fine, it means someone else has the same great taste in music as you! In that case, you could acknowledge it with an upvote.

    You can add only one entry per collage, so use your choice wisely [​IMG]

    A Call For Interviewers

    If you have a couple of hours spare on the weekend, we could always help spread the effort with some more interviewers. It does not have to take up much time, and it would be a great help to our beloved interviewers. Apply within.

    Bonus Points

    And finally, a gift of 5,000 BP to all our enabled users. Enjoy some new tunes!

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