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    2016. április 14.
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    1. Purpose.
    Encourage everyone to be active, everyone for me, I'm for everyone. At the same time to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the upcoming stand.

    The original disk type is not limited. Movies, LIVE, music, documentaries, TV shows and more. Only the original disk, other types of rewards.
    In order to ensure the seed's activity, it is forbidden to withdraw the seed before the seed is 10, and if the number of the seed is insufficient, the seed can be withdrawn after 10 days.
    The number of dead seeds when counting the number of seeds (seed 0) is not counted in the statistics.

    Start and end time.
    Immediately -2017/12/01. Enrollment ends: 2017/11/30.
    Seed Counting Time Dec. 10.

    According to the number of hair piece reward. (Own original purchase of their own resources or make their own DIYx3, that is, a film by three pieces of statistics.) The
    first (places: 1): permanent VIP treatment + permanent invitation 10 + magic value 10W.
    Second place (places: 2): VIP 2 years + 7 permanent invitation + magic value 5W.
    Third place (places: 3): VIP 1 year + permanent invitation + 5 magic value 3W.
    Fourth to seventh (places: 5): magic value 5W + 3 invitations.
    Eighth to twenty (places: 10): the magic value of 3W + 1 invitation.
    Participation Award (no limit): magic value 5000.

    5. other instructions.
    Invited friends to register this post, without registration will not be considered as participating in the competition.
    Do not enter the friends do not reply to this post, or deduct all of your account within the magic value or title processing.
    The reward will be paid within three days after the statistics are completed (after December 10).

    Reply to this post is considered as participating.
    Quantity: XX Department (Statistics Management will review seed quality after activity)