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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    As most of you know the site went down 2 days ago. The reason for this was to upgrade and change to a new server. The other server was sluggish and we had quite a few members complaining. Some of you may not be able to connect until the dns resolves, but when you login to the site we hope you read this. Hopefully now that we changed servers we wont have any complaints about the site being slow or lagging.

    if your torrents are red then right click on each one and select update tracker. If your torrents don't turn green afterwards then restart your client and try updating the tracker again. If all fails then come to our Live help channel and a staff member will assist you further.

    With a better server comes a price increase and we hope some of our loyal members will consider donating to help out. We have never met our goal as of yet to reach 100% on the donation bar, but some day we will. As for now a little will help and what ever you can afford. We don't beg for donations, but more so remind you that we have server bills. These bill must get paid each month or we wouldn't have a Bitleechers to come to. So, PLEASE donate to a good cause.

    We are looking for a few members who would like the opportunity to become staff. If you have time and work from home this may infact be suitable for you. So, if you think you have the time then join Live Help and let the staff know you are there for a Moderators position.

    Don't forget about the Cinema on site. We see many members using the feature and MEMATI gets complimented daily on the AWESOME add on. We are always open for suggestions. So if you have an idea then bring it to us. You can click on Help Desk or Live Chat. Everyone is welcome to join Live Chat.

    We hope that you all enjoy a more reliable and faster navigation through our site.

    Please enjoy Bitleechers