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    2011. július 14.
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    Earlier this year we announced some changes to invites, one of which was resetting everybody's invites to 0. As a form of compensation, we gave each user one lottery ticket for every invite they had at the time we reset their invites to 0. The other change made was removing the "unlimited invites" privilege from Elites, Gurus, Masters, and Torrent Celebrities. Each user in one of those classes received five additional tickets. We've randomly selected some winners by drawing from the pool of tickets. If your name appears below, you have 72 hours to send a Staff PM titled "Lottery Winner" claiming your prize. If necessary, we will do up to two rounds of redrawings for any unclaimed prizes. Any prizes still unclaimed after the redrawing(s) will be sold in the lumens store.

    Massive thanks to UltraSeedBox for donating 50 Storm seedboxes to this event!