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    2016. április 14.
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    Merry Christmas GazelleGames!

    It's been an eventful year. We've seen staff come and go, created a new Site Changelog, made a variety of rule changes, and clarified the status of Verified Dumps through comprehensive Upload Requirements. In addition to a number of smaller site changes, we have also recently revised the upload page to contain a lot less clutter and revamped most console platforms to follow specific geographical regions and countries, instead of the mostly outdated NTSC/PAL standards. We've got plenty more to come, and hope we can make GGn even better with everyone's help!

    We are also happy to announce we recently reached the 100,000 groups milestone! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort, whether it be by creating groups, uploading into them, or improving them in various ways. Torrents and groups are the core of this community after all, and it's great to see so many people adding to them!

    Winter Items & Crafting
    With winter approaching, we can once again look forward to a selection of cool snow and hot beverages, complemented by a new line of crumbly treats! We've got a number of new cookies for everyone's enjoyment. They're said to be quite potent and some even have lingering effects! With all this snow falling, it's also an opportune time to build a snowman. Perhaps if we tempt it with a bunch of cookies, it'll even come to life and gobble them all up!

    Check out the Book of Christmas Crafting for more information on these new crafting opportunities! There's also rumors of an elusive figure hiding in the snowy mountains; is there any way to catch a glimpse of it?

    Many thanks to ThePeach, TNSepta, BuzzArmstrong, and Phantasm for their invaluable help in creating these items!

    In celebration of all the wonderful contributions we've seen this year, our GGn Gazelle once again put together a nice present for everyone. You may have noticed the gift box in this post. Clicking it will award you with a variety of materials to be used in Winter crafting, a chance to get some unique pets and legacy items, as well as a variety of cookies and gold! We hope you'll enjoy your gift. You can claim it here:

    Be sure to claim it within two weeks. A particularly grouchy gazelle is already setting up a heist to steal all of the remaining gifts!

    We hope everyone will be able to enjoy these new treats. Merry Christmas and an early happy New Year!

    GGn Staff

    2.0x Chance Global Buff is Enabled. Expires in 3 days