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    In their capacity as What.CD's official gatekeepers, interviewers work assiduously as a tight-knit squad to permit entry to deserving interview candidates and prevent bad guys from entering (and re-entering). Interviewers must pass an extensive screening and preparation process that ensures only the most qualified users join the team. Some interviewers regularly invest more time and effort than your average full-time job, so this team is a particularly good example of What.CD's tendency to obsessively drive toward perfection. For these reasons—among many others—we celebrate their contributions today.

    For those intrigued by the prospect of becoming an interviewer: Users of class Elite and above may apply to become interviewers. Applications can be submitted in this thread in the Elite forum.


    Before we get to the picks, we'd like to encourage our users to invite their trusted friends to What.CD. As part of our birthday celebration, we're offering ONE BONUS INVITE to everyone in the User and Member classes who meet the following conditions:

    - Your ratio must be greater than or equal to 0.7
    - You must not have any unused invites
    - You must have all privileges enabled (including invite privileges)
    - You must be active on the site (defined as: 5GB downloaded or 3.5 GB uploaded or 5 uploads or 25 posts)

    For everyone else, we'll be running the invites script early. You can find your invites by visiting your Invite Page. It is our sincere hope that you'll take the time to thoughtfully consider people you know who belong in the What.CD community. Welcome aboard, newcomers!

    Remember: Invites must be used responsibly. Under no circumstances should you invite users who have had or currently have accounts. Under no circumstances should you trade or sell your invites. Under no circumstances should you offer your invites in public, or respond to public invite requests. If you aren't familiar enough with the user to trust them, we suggest not inviting them.


    blablabla's Interview Team Pick

    Homayun Sakhi - Music of Central Asia Vol. 3: Art of the Afghan Rubâb

    Genre: World Music, Classical

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=701924

    Review: A very talented rubâb player from Afghanistan, accompanied by an excellent tabla player. Make sure to check his latest single as well:
    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNINDBBjosc

    numnumjuice's Interview Team Pick

    Plat - Compulsion

    Genre: idm,ambient,electronic,experimental,icelandic

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=67343

    Review: What happened to my face? Oh, wait, it just melted off the bone after hearing this.

    MattKavs' Interview Team Pick

    Max Frost - Low High Low

    Genre: indie, pop, rock, rhythm.and.blues

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72590252

    Review: Just look at that chiseled chin...oh wait you can't see that here, even more reason to click that link. You may have heard Austin, TX native Max's dreamy voice blaring from your speakers on a semi-recent Beats commercial or on tour with Gary Clark, Jr. or Fitz and the Tantrums. His funky, soul infused indie grooves are sure to sweep you off your feet. Such a fun dude, if you ever have the chance to meet him, do it, you will not regret it. Now what are you waiting for, click that link already!

    Recludere's Interview Team Pick

    Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe

    Genre: vaporwave, plunderphonics, screw, new.age, diana.ross

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72107873

    Review: The quintessential vaporwave album. Get the 11-track edition; it's the currently distributed one and also the best one. See also: /mu/ Vaporwave Essentials, Other projects by this artist.

    jofwolves' Interview Team Pick

    Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now

    Genre: folk, country, americana, worth.listening.to, folk

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=33068

    Review: My original pick was Brown Bird's Salt for Salt, but Ajax had to go and ruin the party ([​IMG]), so here's this in stead. I promise it's [almost] just as good.

    darkwinter's Interview Team Pick

    Days N' Daze - Rogue Taxidermy

    Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Punk

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72583631

    Review: Some amazing folk punk, to drink in a park to

    NotSpish's Interview Team Pick

    Amiina - Kurr

    Genre: Ambient, Folk

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=11110

    Review: Icelandic quartet Amiina conjure up dreamy, melodic soundscapes suffused with the fairytale mysticism and undulating landscapes of their native…hang about, haven’t we heard all this before?

    Indeed we have. Iceland’s musicians – who seem, curiously, to number more than the actual population - seem fated to have their music endlessly described in terms of their physical and cultural landscape.

    Intricate melodies are weaved by ‘mischievous elves’; abstract moods are ‘glacial’; anything featuring heavy beats or blistering basslines is like an ‘erupting volcano’ or a ‘tectonic rift’.

    Yet to listen to Kurr, the debut album from Amiina - a talented all-female four piece who have been experimenting with music together since meeting at Reykjavík’s College of Music in the 1990s – is to be somehow transported to their homeland.

    Nvious's Interview Team Pick

    Robbie Basho - Visions of the Country

    Genre: Folk, American Primitive

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=71892541

    Review: I spent a good deal of time deciding on what my staff pick was going to be. I knew I should probably take this opportunity give you guys an easy way to discover something entirely new to you. So, with this in mind, I chose Robbie Basho. Basho was a pioneer of a genre he called American Primitive, which has many historic and native influences, but also resembles a lot of classic American folk music. He himself had quite a rough childhood, becoming an early orphan, and his musical career was much similar to his British counterpart of sorts, Nick Drake, that is to say he was not recognized at all for his work before he died. This is the best of a variety of re-issues that have come out in recent years to shed light on this man's talent and genius as a singer and an instrumentalist. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    visually's Interview Team Pick

    Alvvays - Alvvays

    Genre: indie, pop, surf.rock

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72692087

    Review: Toronto-based Alvvays has produced a debut album of 9 perfect songs, united by a reverb-drenched lo-fi surf-pop aesthetic that could sound tired were it not executed so well and with such a bright twinkle in the eye: on Next of Kin, lead singer Molly Rankin finds herself bemoaning the drowning of her love (whom she perhaps could've done a bit more to save), and on Archie, Marry Me, she's cursing a boyfriend for using his student loans as an excuse to avoid marriage. The lyrics are wry, the melodies are gleaming, and the hooks are sweet. I challenge you not to enjoy this album.

    guidebook's Interview Team Pick

    Austin Wintory - Journey

    Genre: Soundtrack

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72185264

    Review: A Grammy-nominated soundtrack for one of the best gaming experiences I ever had.

    Ichabod's Interview Team Pick

    Magnus - Where Neon Goes to Die

    Genre: Electronic, Rock

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72784160

    Review: I just love this album, it's the same old Magnus sound I loved 10 years ago, with some amazing colaborations, like Tom Smith.

    nodisco's Interview Team Pick

    The Griswolds - Be Impressive

    Genre: indie.rock, indie.pop, alternative

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72783080

    Review: Ever since H E A R T O F A L I O N was released I had been waiting for the gloriously happy and fun full length that I knew this would be. They did not disappoint!

    Umbra's Interview Team Pick

    Owl City - Ultraviolet

    Genre: Pop, Rock, Electronic

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72744759

    Review: This snuck by a lot of people because it's not a main album release, but these four tracks are all pretty solid. No (overt) religious lyrics in this set, either.

    I lost someone recently, and This Isn't The End helped me get through it. Beautiful Times is a good cheer-yourself-up song.

    TheBlank's Interview Team Pick

    Moth - Disconnected EP

    Genre: Electronic, Dubstep, Deathstep, Metal.Dubstep, Industrial, 2010s

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72764857

    Review: Who said Dubstep is dead? You just have to know where to look!

    Moth has been blowing up 2014 with some awesome tunes. The Disconnected EP is no exception. Moth has been in the scene since 2008, but he is really finding his sound right now. My favorite tracks are [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] & [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG]. into If you like filthy dubstep with heavy bass, check out Moth.

    oxide's Interview Team Pick

    Caravan Palace - Panic

    Genre: Electro Swing, Jazz, Dance

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72156443

    Review: I actually have one of my interviewee's to thank for introducing me to these guys. To quickly sum up their sound is difficult but take everything you like about 1980's jazz and swing and mix in a bit of electronica and you have yourself an album you shouldn't miss! Caravan Palace is currently recording their next studio album, so look for that soon!

    Briix's Interview Team Pick

    Iceage - You're Nothing

    Genre: Post Punk, Punk

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72404244

    Review: "Iceage write brilliant songs; on You're Nothing, they've found a way to clarify these compositional skills without stripping away their power." - Iceage: You're Nothing | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

    "They are brilliant, Danish and make excellent music. Just snatch it." - Briix

    mrripley's Interview Team Pick

    Clean Bandit - New Eyes

    Genre: Pop, Electronic, Deep House, Classical

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72728434

    Review: New Eyes showcase the band’s trademark fusions of basslines, beats, electronica and strings with house, garage, dancehall, drum and bass and hip hop, paving the way to become the soundtrack of summer 2014. The album is underpinned by Jack’s unique and progressive dance production, which mixes together a cocktail of genres.

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