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    That's all, just a new update. Kidding, we do have some actual news to add here. It may have been a while since our last update, but we wanted to ensure everything was properly functional until it rolled out to the site, one system gets improved while another does not want to play nicely. [​IMG]

    We've been making progress on torrent grouping upgrades. Some will be live to users but the majority of updates are back end changes and tools to move these torrents into the proper groups including automation for uploads and processes to assist our upload bots. We are still a long ways away from our end vision but this is a bit of good progress. You may notice a few things like 720/1080/2160 of the same episode begin to coexist on the same page.

    Over time you'll also notice better tagging, search abilities and a much more stable torrents.php.

    Plus a bunch of other updates for log.php, forum, collages.php, requests.php, wiki.php, bug fixes, along with security, and operational coding improvements and updates. We're pretty sure by this point our developers only see 0's and 1's [​IMG]

    Credit calculations are now live! Which means you may start seeing items on the new bonus store... That is if you don't spend all your credits at the slot machine.

    Have your friends keep an eye out as now that we are on a stable update, we may be putting out a few time limited recruitment threads [​IMG]

    As always report any found bugs to our Forum: Bug Reports please

    PS. There is also a new unofficial status check website to verify if there is an issue with MTV or your connection. http://is.morethantv.online

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