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    The winning logo to be shown through the month of January 2021.

    SceneTime 2021 LOGO Competition Rules and Requirements

    The winning logo will be shown at the top of the sites page and the winner will receive 1 week IPTV/VOD access and 2 weeks FreeLeech.

    Image size must be 400 pixels wide X 80 pixels high, any other size will NOT be considered.

    Must contain the word "SceneTime" with a New Year theme in the LOG0.

    Images must be saved in .png or .gif format with a transparent background.

    What does transparent background mean?

    In reference to an image or graphic, transparent refers to an image that is clear and can take the effect of any

    images behind it.

    Below is an example of an image with a transparent background.


    The background needs to be transparent to match the themes of the site.

    Do Not violate any site rules. i.e.

    * Do not use obscene content, this includes images of abuse, racism, death, mutilation, hardcore pornography.

    Note to all entrants

    When creating your logo entries please remember that 2 of the site theme skins Black & Green have a black background and White has the textured background below.


    So please check your entries using a Black background and the textured white background

    If you do use black text put a white edge around it so it will be seen [​IMG] on the Black and Green themes.


    The same in reverse for the White textured theme, but a black edge around it.

    Any other submission will NOT be considered during the voting time frame.

    Be creative, let your imagination run rampant.

    Staff may participate.

    How to submit your image(s)

    Send to all logos by PM to "GraySkull" just click on the little mailbox below.


    Submissions will then be anonymously added to the SceneTime New Year 2021 LOGO Competition thread.

    All members will have 3 weeks to submit their entries to GraySkull, after this no more entries will be accepted.

    Please send entries in BBCode [​IMG] thanks [​IMG]

    Please include the 2 background color samples with your entries thank you ..

    a limit of up to 5 individual designed entries per member- max

    as it will get too crazy to keep check of otherwise folks -

    Submissions will then be anonymously added to the SceneTime New Year 2021 LOGO Competition thread.

    The last week will be for voting on the submitted logos.

    Any questions please ask here or by PM to me, Thank You.

    All Members of course please leave comments on the thread all through the Competition this is encouraged.

    Please critique what you like and dislike but without being insulting, demeaning etc. remember the goal is to Enjoy!

    Please do NOT publicly announce you have entered the contest.

    Please do NOT post your Logos in any threads, if you do so, your Logo can not be accepted as an entry anymore


    Good luck to everyone lets have some FUN & prestige to the monthly winner.


    Thank you all for joining in this only works because of you guys n` gals

    come and join in with the GFX eye candy on show read the info & create your own logo to sit in prime position for a month.



    1 WEEK IPTV/VOD access Plus 14 days freeleech for the monthly winner..

    Please feel free to comment and get involved in the thread..

    Stay well [​IMG]