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    2016. április 14.
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    Hello all HD4FREE members,

    There seems to have be some confusion surrounding our recent change to a ratio free site and our seeding requirements.

    As, we have stated previously, in PM's, Recent News and numerous forum posts, 72 Hours seedtime is the bare minimum for every torrent that you download.

    Seedind less than 72 Hours will result in a Hit and Run (THAT MEANS NOT DELETING FILES IMMEDIATELY AFTER DOWNLOADING !!!). If you get 3 HnR's your downloading privileges will be revoked.

    If/When this happens, you have 2 choices, resume seeding or, if the torrent is 6GB or smaller, buyout the torrent for 660 bonus points.

    The reason that seeding 1:1 was removed was because it was decided that go site ratio free. That means that download stats are not tracked per torrent / per user.

    Everything now revolves around seedtime, not ratio !!.

    We can understand the confusion and are doing a one-time reset.

    We have removed everyone's Hit and Runs, Warnings and Disaablements.