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    2016. április 14.
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    Hyperay think tank recruitment job types: Management Appointment categories: Core Engagement Job Title: think-tank Number: 3 people hire period: long-term (one month trial period) Responsibilities: suggestions, eclectic recruitment conditions: 1 love the site, we are willing to develop the site to contribute their knowledge and strength. 2. Familiar PT-related knowledge and understanding of domestic PT official history, unofficial history, legends, characters and the like. 3. Has a strong sense of innovation, logical thinking and ability to think independently, it is possible for the development and construction of the site made their views. 4. With event planning and project management experience is preferred; with a master's or doctoral degree preferred. 5. Familiar with office automation software, have strong written expression, writing skills. 6. strong execution, organization and coordination ability, have team spirit, good communication skills and interpersonal skills. 7. With a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and sense of service, adhere to the principles, the courage to be responsible, fair and honest, diligent and honest. Recruitment procedures: 1. candidates please send your resume to meet the requirements to admin@hyperay.cc. 2. The recruitment by the leading group of candidates personnel selection, pre-determined list of persons. 3. candidates by the relevant managers to communicate evaluation, planning to hire staff to determine merit. 4. planning to hire staff hired. Schedule: Biography receive the time from now until August 29 only. If in doubt, please consult the website plus a new crowd below. Picture view: