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    2016. április 14.
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    Introducing the Gazelle's Game Room - A new look!

    Things look a little different around here today, don't they? Introducing the new default style for Gazelle Games - The Gazelle's Game Room!

    Created entirely from scratch, this new style brings a lot of improvements:

    Works on all screen sizes - large desktop, small desktop, tablets and mobile devices. GGN is now just as easy to use on your phone as from your PC.
    Dozens (maybe hundreds?) of game groups get a custom design. See Portal as an example. 22 series have the custom theme applied, see if you can find them. Want to help create them? See this thread.
    A redesigned header to make search more prominent and take up less vertical space so more content can fit on the screen. Most of the userbar is now in one of the two drop downs to the left of your username. The little person icon turns red when you get a new inbox message.
    A (somewhat) redesigned game page. Hovering over screenshots gives you a preview, the cover art zooms on hover, the trailer expands with your browser size, system requirements are hidden until hover and just general cleanup and organization.
    Collections renamed to Bundles and Torrents renamed to Games, to get us closer to some gaming terms. Blog box on the home page renamed to The Gazelle's Tavern, since that's where news gets discussed, of course.
    Wiki index got a new organization, to make it easier to find what you're looking for.
    Images everywhere are bigger, making use of HD whenever possible.
    Many, many other small changes throughout. Images/videos in the forums have a small shadow around them. Lots of spacing changes to give it a slightly more "light" feel. Roboto font used throughout. A couple new category icons. If you're using the awesome cover images on hover script, the art is larger.

    Hope you enjoy it! If you don't, you can always switch back one of the other styles in your profile, or one of the custom ones from the forums. Special thanks to the staff, master and legendary gamers for their help in testing.

    If you find any bugs or issues, please post here.