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    2016. április 14.
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    TheGeeks.bz Proudly Presents...

    1st Quadrennial US Election Competition!!!

    Want fabulous prizes and awards?

    Want glory, fame, and immortality?

    Want to be seen as the next Nate Silver (or even better Styxhexenhammer)?

    Want a chance to win 100 GBs in ratio?

    Well now's your chance!

    Join in on TG.bzs 1st Ever Quadrennial US Election Competition!!!

    Rules are simple:

    Go to 270towin.com and fill out your map by clicking on each state to change to the appropriate color (blue for Clinton, red for Trump, gold for Other).

    Click on the green "Share Map" button.

    Copy the link below it.

    Paste your results in this thread

    To be extra fancy, you can even copy the image of your map and rehost it on http://imgur.com.

    Also be sure to write down who your estimate for the percentage of the popular vote won by each candidate.

    That's it! Easy.

    Prizes go to the those that...

    Pick the winner.

    Get the total electorate count closest to correct.

    Come closest to predicting the percentage of the vote won by each candidate.

    PLUS participation prize for all who join in (so join in already!).

    Also a special 100 GB prize will go to anyone who gets the map EXACTLY correct.

    What are you waiting for????

    Join here

    Also, don't forget to check out Controversy Corner for controversial political talk

    And join the discussion on CCs 2016 US Presidential Race thread