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    2016. április 14.
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    Site server upgrade completed & HTTPS is used for site and optional for tracker:


    We are pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded the server of the place to a powerful one.

    BTW, Two more security enhancements:

    1. We have started using SSL for the site; now you visit the site with HTTPS instead of HTTP


    for the tracker, it is optional to use HTTPS, meaning it's up to you to use HTTPS or HTTP




    2. We will be using Google captcha for registration (basically closed for the rest of its life), login page and password reset page, which should be implemented in a week or so.

    I suggest that everyone log out of their accounts and try to clear cache of your browser, and try to log back in, from the login page, you can select whether to use HTTPS for tracker part (BT Client)

    I would suggest that you select HTTPS for the tracker, as it is more secure, but if it's not compatible with your BT Client, you can log out and try to log in and unselect HTTPS for the tracker.

    Thanks for your attention.