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    What are we doing wrong?? :

    Hi there,

    We would like your opinion on what we here on RNS are doing completely wrong. We are supplying you with the latest books we can possibly manage, we have (in my opinion as a Sysop) a quite simple process of gaining points bonuses if you follow the really simple criteria of actually seeding whatever you download for a few weeks, we try our best to help immediately someone asks for help, we let you request books and actually get the books for you, I can carry on and on, yet ...

    Our donation base is 0.1% of our users, IF we're really really lucky in any given month.

    December is on us, and soon it will be Xmas - most people will be on holidays and going away, enjoying the festive season. Can you spare one buck? Just ONE? That could spell the difference between me personally actually having a festive season or not, depending whether I would yet again have to spend my own salary to let you get your books? Because yes, that is what happens when our donations keep falling short, someone has to fork up and pay?
    Please - before you start your festivities, consider helping us out by donating to RNS just once this year. We have many different ways to do this easily and anonymously, if you need to use PayPal, pm any staff member for instructions.

    We thank you for using our tracker and hope you enjoy the books that you get from here.

    news 2

    Hi there,

    We are currently looking to fill a position in staff that you may be interested in?

    Years ago, we ran a twice weekly 20 questions quiz in the chat, every Wednesday and Sunday, at roughly 8 pm GMT. We are looking to revive that and therefore advertising for a person to fill that role.

    This would entail compiling a new list of general knowledge OR specific field related questions twice a week, then presenting this in chat, answering them and allocating the prizes to the three winners.

    Interested? This is great fun, don't miss out! Let me know, or one of staff, via the contact staff tab, and we can discuss it in more detail.

    Thanks and happy torrenting,